Ellen DeGeneres In a Real Tough Spot – Is She Getting Canceled?

With her half-hearted monologues, over played bits and constant mocking of “Average Andy”, outspoken critics of DeGeneres are beginning to wonder if she isn’t doing her absolute best to get her long-running talk show cancelled.

It has been a tough 12 months for DeGeneres. Firstly, the pandemic hit and she was forced to completely change the format of her show and present from her home. Then came the shocking allegations of a toxic workplace environment from several staffers of Ellen.

Ellen DeGeneres is Just Trying to Get Her Talk Show Cancelled at This Point…Right?

Damage control was done and DeGeneres returned to the studio, only to be struck down with Covid herself. Thankfully, the virus didn’t hit DeGeneres as hard as it could and she was once again back in the studio- sans the live audience.

None of this could be easy to deal with and there is no way an audience of upright screens scattered through the audience section of the studio could feel the same as having a full, excited and live audience. Nor could it feel the same to interview guests over Zoom.

However, DeGeneres is a true professional, she’s been in the ‘business we call show’ for several decades and has hosted Ellen since 2003.  This kind of resume brings with it the expectation that she would be able to take any sort of change on the chin.

But audiences just haven’t seen this. Viewership for Ellen has plummeted. In December 2020 alone Ellen lost 400 000 viewers, and this was during a time of stay at home orders and temperatures dropping outside.

And this slip in ratings is not due to the scandals plaguing the show, alone.

With newer, younger and chipper-er hosts at the helm of shows like The Kelly Clarkson Show and The Drew Barrymore Show, one would think DeGeneres would step up her game. But…she’s not. Most recently Ellen has recently been blasted as one giant commercial with advertisements masquerading as features only a little easier to stomach than those on Dr. Phil or Dr. Oz.

In short DeGeneres looks over it.

Who can blame her, she’s in her 60’s she’s won 30 Emmys, she’s loaded and she has a hot wife waiting for her at home.

If you gotta go Ellen, then go. But please stop burning down the house on the way out and leave us with some fond memories.

Watch Ellen weekdays on NBC and let us know your thoughts on Ellen’s current format and how you think DeGeneres is doing, steering the ship, in the comments section below.

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