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Univision La Hija de Embajador: why we’re tuning out




Univision La Hija de Embajador reveal this show’s first season is wrapping up. On the 24th, the first season’s finale airs on Univision. Let’s talk about the latest, as well as why we likely won’t be tuning in for more.

Univision La Hija de Embajador: Pobrecita…

First, La Hija de Embajador spoilers reveal a big part of the action lately has been about Elvan Efeoğlu (Hivda Zizan Alp) and her friendship with Nare Çelebi (Neslihan Atagül).

Elvan is one of the few people on this show who’s been unconditional with their support. When Nare needed help backing her claims against Halise Efeoğlu (Gonca Cilasun), Elvan told the truth. Though this cost her a place in the Efeoğlu home, she did what was right. We can respect that.

Since then, she’s been living with Nare and helping with Melek Efeoğlu (Beren Gençalp). She’s great with Melek, and has a great rapport with Nare. The three of them feel like a unit, and that’s why we’re so sad to see what happened in the most recent episode.

It seems Nare had made the decision to move out of the country once she officially gets custody of Melek. Elvan was obviously upset by that, rightfully so. Nare made that decision without discussing it with Elvan. Since they’re sharing a house, it seemed the thing to do.

The thing we like about Elvan is she is quick to pull herself together. Her bubbly personality makes her complex, because it hides a lot of hurt, confusion, or discomfort. While it might not be the most healthy coping mechanism at times, it definitely helps those around her by diffusing any situation.

Univision La Hija de Embajador: Nice moment

As for Nare, we both loved and hated a scene with Sancar Efeoğlu (Engin Akyürek). She was upset with him about having a baby with Menekşe (Tülin Yazkan). We think a big part of it was Melek’s reaction to the hypothetical question of having a brother not carried by Nare.

Understandably, Melek wants nothing to do with a child that comes from this woman who tormented her. And we think that’s at least part of her attitude toward Sancar.

At one point, he did what he always does—acts like a child. Which is sad, because it looked like he could turn a corner. But watching him demand Nare call him by his name when he refused to do the same for her for so long? Too much. He had no concept of how rude that was, and we’re glad Nare put him in his place.

What we don’t like is, we’ve seen a few clips of the show in the original Turkish. Watching these, while we had no clue what was being said, showed that she and Sancar were looking a bit too close for our liking. Given everything that’s happened, we just don’t see a reconciliation being a good thing.

Univision La Hija de Embajador: Why we’re jumping ship

Which brings us to the reasons why we will likely tune out after the 24th. La Hija de Embajador spoilers reveal Atagül left the show a while back due to health issues. From everything we’re seeing, the new actress won’t be a re-cast Nare.

It’ll be a totally different part. If that’s really the case, this changes the show too much. It was Nare’s story, and we just don’t see it having the same impact once the focus shifts.

Two, there are very few characters that are truly engaging, save for Elvan. We have little interest in Sancar or his family. And we’re not sure, given the circumstances, that Nare will be given a satisfying send-off. We’ll see what happens, but we’re doubtful.

Plus, a new Telemundo show with Carmen Villalobos is coming the following day. As the promos aren’t showing any new show coming other than the one taking over at 9 PM, this leads credence to the second season starting almost right away. If that’s the case, we’re going to have to go with Telemundo for the win.

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