Univision La Hija De Embajador Spoilers: Twisted history and fakes

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Univision La hija de embajador spoilers reveal more of the twisted story that led Sancar Efeoğlu (Engin Akyürek) to hate Nare Çelebi (Neslihan Atagül) so much. And it’s both as bad as we thought and worse. Let’s take a look at the latest, as well as what’s ahead.

Univision La Hija De Embajador Spoilers: The beginning of the end

First, La hija de embajador spoilers indicate Nare was the victim of a rape. Of course, Sancar ended up believing she willingly cheated on him and tossed her aside like the garbage he is. We get feeling hurt, but dude…try listening for a change. You might save some hassle. And it gets worse.

This guy, Akın Vardalı (Erhan Alpay) basically made her his hostage. She’s been forced to be with him all this time, and her father apparently didn’t care to do a thing about it.

He was also clearly abusive and controlling, which makes Nera make more sense to us. She’s had a bit of a wild, feral look to her in the show and it feels like this is a physical manifestation of the inner mess she is, thanks to all the trauma she’s been through.

Univision La Hija De Embajador Spoilers: Change of plans

In other news, La hija de embajador spoilers indicate Akin actually survived her attack, even though he looks to be in somewhat bad shape. On Friday night, Nare learned Akin didn’t die and she won’t be arrested.

So, she’ll decide it’s time to reclaim her daughter. However, Sancar refuses to hand over the child and demands Nare go far away. And we’re back to wanting to smack Sancar.

Yes, she kept the kid from him, but what option did he really give her? And he sure didn’t act very fatherly at first, so we think at least sharing custody should be on the table. Not banishing the mother of the child.

Univision La Hija De Embajador Spoilers: Phony

In other La hija de embajador spoilers, we saw some more insight into Nera’s relationship with Güven Çelebi (Erdal Kuçukkömürcü). It seems dad is a perfect fit in the political world.

He’s less worried about Nera’s suffering and more worried about keeping his public image as clean as possible. It didn’t take long for Nera to realize that’s why he’s willing to get Akin to say someone else attacked him.

Tonight, he’ll give even more motivation for Akin’s cooperation. Not to mention more of a reason to think he’s a sleaze. Güven tells Akin he’ll do whatever is necessary to make Nare come back home.

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