Univision La hija del embajador Spoilers: Why Nare is such a great character

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Univision La hija del embajador reveal we recently talked about the toxic behavior of Sancar Efeoğlu (Engin Akyürek) toward Nare Çelebi (Neslihan Atagül). Their relationship is beyond contentious, but it looked like a breakthrough happened last week. Except it didn’t. Let’s talk what happened and why we loved it so much.

Univision La hija del embajador Spoilers: Apologies

First, La hija del embajador spoilers reveal Sancar finally realized and admitted he was wrong. Check out this article to see more details. It was a great moment, and perfectly acted out by both actors. However, there was another part to this conversation that we got to see in detail on Friday. And we can’t say we feel too bad about it.

Univision La hija del embajador Spoilers: Too little, too late

At first, things seemed like they’d turned a corner. However, Sancar—and we—thought wrong. La hija del embajador spoilers indicate Nare was relieved that she was believed after all that time. And they did share a nice moment. The thing is, Nare showed once more why people love her so much.

Instead of accepting Sancar’s apology and possibly getting back together, she pointed out that he lost both her and their daughter a long time ago. She really drove that point home, and Sancar was practically weeping like a baby over the whole thing.

It was a brutal, yet honest and deserved exchange that was also done in a gentle way. Which we thought was fitting for Nare. She’s always been a bit concerned for him, hence her trying to keep him from murdering Akın Vardalı (Erhan Alpay) over the truth. Later, she revealed later how it was difficult to do it, but it was what had to be done/said.

Univision La hija del embajador Spoilers: Why we love it

This novela has been a tough watch. There’s, again, a very toxic dynamic between the two characters we’re supposed to be rooting for. And there’s so much else going on around them that makes everything worse. So, we’re loving that the show didn’t take the easy way out.

Nare seems ready to let the past go, to a point, but she’s not going to just give Sancar a free pass for the way he treated her. It shows the tough side to her character, which is a nice contrast. She’s had several breakdown moments to show the vulnerable side to her as well.

This makes Nare such a complex character. She’s got layers to her that we think are still yet to be peeled. Plus, she showed that complexity by opening up about how hard it was. And that she even is willing to have anything to do with him as far as Melek Efeoğlu (Beren Gençalp) is concerned.

It would be easy to just drop off Melek and never actually speak to him. Or, to run off and keep her away from this man that hurt Nare so much. However, for Melek’s sake, she’s planning to go visit a school for Melek with Sancar. That’s showing a character we don’t think Sancar had.

After all, he was willing to basically take Melek for himself. Sure, he never knew of her existence, but with the way he treated Nare at the end and everything Nare was recovering from at the time, it’s understandable why he wasn’t told.

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