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TikToker’s Abusive Ex Finds Her on OnlyFans

In the world of social media and everyone being able to find us online, there are some people that we just wish we could hide from. One TikTok user is dealing with this now and her story is terrifying. The woman in question goes by, @thenameisrad and she calls herself RAD.

She is a Twitch streamer as well and her interests include reading and video games. She recently started an OnlyFans account where she chats with her subscribers as well. She was very excited about trying the platform out until she saw the unexpected. Her ex decided to subscribe to her OnlyFans page and this terrified her.

RAD Shares Videos of Her Shock

It isn’t everyday that an abusive ex finds their way onto your OnlyFans page and RAD was shocked when she saw hers. She posted a video that featured a screenshot of her ex. The video got over three million views and RAD said, “So my abusive ex just subbed to my OF…I’m debating if I should tell his wife…cause she follows me on social media.”

RAD is 19 years old and she said that she and her ex were only together for a few months, but their relationship was not the best. There was a lot of emotional abuse and RAD feels that him following her definitely has started to trigger her again.

Many of her followers told her that before she contacts his wife, she needs to let him spend money on her OnlyFans account to prove a point, but if he was abusive to her, why would she even let him see the content that she is posting on there? Apparently, she immediately knew that she was going to tell his wife all about what he had been doing and she did. She decided to share their conversation on Tik Tok as well.

When RAD posted the conversation between the two of them, she received a message calling her out. “I don’t know who you are, but you’ve messed with a friend of mine. I see and others have seen it and even told his wife how crazy you are. You also shouldn’t have posted private conversations on your tik tok. You’re just another sad little girl who can’t get over her teen years. I found who I believe to be your father on Facebook and sent him a link to your Onlyfans and let him know the situation. Stay out of my friends life and quit messing with people.”

We hope for RAD’s sake she can get some closure on all of this and move on with her life.

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