British Royal Family News: Suits Actor DB Woodside Has Nothing But Praise For Meghan Markle

British Royal Family News find that when it comes to Meghan Markle, there are just some people out there that want to set the record straight. Meghan’s former Suits co-star David Bryan Woodside has nothing but praise for the Duchess of Sussex, as she continues to battle her never-ending royal family drama after her explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey earlier this month. Here’s what he has to say.

D.B. worked with Meghan while she was still on the show. He portrayed Jeff Malone, Jessica Pearson’s boyfriend. Speaking to ET Online in a new interview, he opened up about Meghan and what it was really like to work with her behind the scenes.

British Royal Family News: Suits Actor D.B. Woodside Has Nothing But Praise For Meghan Markle

“I’m going to say this because this is one of those things that’s really, really made me angry. Meghan is one of the sweetest, nicest, most intelligent, thoughtful human beings that I have ever met in my life,” Woodside expressed.

“Meghan went out of her way to always see how I was doing, to just talk to me when we didn’t have any scenes together, but we might just be on set at the same time. She is an amazing human being. And it bothers me so much what’s happening to her because I know that what they’re saying is untrue.”

During her interview with Oprah, Meghan alleged that there was a member of the royal family who had ‘concerns’ about the potential color of her baby’s skin. D.B. had some very strong words to say about it.

“It’s very, very upsetting. And just to be direct, it’s bullsh*t,” he candidly stated. “It seems to me there are people who are setting her up to be the fall person. There’s people who are setting her up to blame her for something. And listen, every single one of us as human beings, we’ve had bad days. Maybe we’ve sent not the best email. Who cares about that? Give me a break. Every single one of us has left a message that we might think, ‘Oh, I was crabby that day.’ Every single one of us.”

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