‘American Idol’: Outrages Fans with its New Twist!

American Idol’ fans took to social media this week to express outrage as a new twist bore unpopular results, sending some of their favorite contestants of season 19 home.

American Idol returned (to the lowest ratings ever-including the at home performances of a cringey, pandemic ridden 2020) after a two week hiatus, touting both a Disney theme and the resolution of the least anticipated cliffhanger of 2021- who won the “Comeback Round”.

‘American Idol’: Outrages Fans with its New Twist.

The comeback round, airing on April 19 was not popular with viewers invested in the new singers, not the 10 contestants returning from last year’s pandemic season, most of whom hadn’t even made it to 2020’s top 10.

The twist became even more disliked when host, Ryan Seacrest announce that last season runner-up, Arthur Gunn, who many dismissed as putting in a half-hearted performance during the comeback round, earned a spot back in season 19’s top 10.

Fans and current contestants alike didn’t exactly roll out the welcome mat for Gunn, who looked a little guilty himself, even though no one could blame the guy for wanting to actually sing on the stage, rather than his living room which is what happened when the pandemic hit in the middle of Gunn’s season 18.

The resentment that Gunn’s mid-season addition meant that he took the spot from likely top 10 earner, Ava August only grew when Gunn was subsequently voted through to the top seven —taking the spot from either Deshawn Goncalves, Alyssa Ray, or Cassandra Coleman, all voted off instead.

Twitter blew up at the controversial outcome, proving that no matter how much Disney you pump into a place, and let’s give Katy Perry and her Tinkerbell costume, complete with bleached eyebrows (what’s with that trend?) her due, it won’t automatically make it the Happiest Place On ABC.

Watch American Idol, Sundays on ABC at 8pm ET to see how much further Gunn gets…I mean, someone is voting for him!

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