$40 Million Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Kevin Spacey To Be Dismissed!

A $40 million lawsuit against Kevin Spacey, where the disgraced actor is accused of sexual assault of a minor, is set to be dismissed after his accuser was mandated to identify himself. And he refused.

Broadway, television and movie star Anthony Rapp accused the American Beauty actor of sexual assault, along with a mystery accuser referred to as only C.D. in court documents.

C.D. has alleged that Spacey sexually assaulted him in the 80’s when the victim was just 14 years old.

Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Kevin Spacey to be Dismissed

Court documents detail the initial meeting between C.D. as a twelve year old when he was a student in Spacey’s acting class in New York. An alleged sexual relationship began when the two reconnected two years later.

Recently the judge in the civil lawsuit, where the victims are seeking $40 million in damages, ruled that C.D. would have to reveal his identity publicly in order to continue pursuing retribution.

The Manhattan judge ruled that the public interest in the identity of C.D.  is legitimate due to the fact that Spacey is a public figure. However, C.D. has refused to reveal his identity and now the lawsuit is looking to be dismissed.

C.D.’s attorneys had previously told the court that the accuser wasn’t comfortable identifying himself as he was not able to withstand the scrutiny and intrusion into his life if his name was made public. The attorneys have now filed a letter agreeing to dismiss C.D.’s case.

Though it seems C.D. will not receive any money in regards to the abuse he allegedly suffered, he has still managed to smear The Usual Suspect star’s name and effectively ended the Oscar winner’s career.

The last film Spacey made before the sexual assault allegations were made against him, Billionaire Boy’s Club tanked at the box-office and he was replaced only days before release on All the Money in the World by the late Christopher Plummer who won an Oscar for his performance as J. Paul Getty.

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