Nigel Farage Says Meghan Markle Is Nothing More Than An Assault On The Royal Monarchy

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The hate campaign against Meghan Markle continues. There’s a new report that says former Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage believes that the Duchess of Sussex acted like nothing more than an assault on the British monarchy.

In fact, Nigel admitted that outspoken Meghan Markle critic Piers Morgan was right all along about the former Hollywood actress. Here’s what you need to know.

Speaking to TalkRadio, Nigel Farage says that it’s a good thing Meghan didn’t show up to Prince Philp’s funeral because she would have been nothing but a distraction. Meghan was forced to stay behind in California because of her pregnancy and of course, the ongoing pandemic that has been the coronavirus.

Nigel Farage Says Meghan Markle Is Nothing More Than An Assault On The Royal Monarchy

Farage said during the talk show, “Thank goodness Meghan Markle didn’t come. Thank goodness that the pregnancy gave her an excuse not to come. I don’t think, even though we don’t have crowds lining the streets, that she would be very well received at all.”

He added, “This is because it has turned out, and I hate saying this and I’ll never say it again as long as I live, it turns out that Piers Morgan was pretty much right. When Piers said he barely believed a word she said, as you go through the claims that were made, you find that things were either plain wrong or certainly inaccurate. The fact that Meghan is not here is good and that has made the Prince Harry sideshow very much a minor issue.”

Meanwhile, Piers Morgan says he wants his moment in the spotlight with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. According to Extra, Piers says he deserves to look Harry and Meghan in the eye and ask them questions that people like Oprah Winfrey didn’t dare ask.

“I would say to Meghan Markle, ‘Look, sit down with me with your husband for an equally long interview, and let me ask you more difficult questions about all your claims,’” Morgan told Billy Bush in an interview with Extra.

‘But let me ask you a wider question, which is this: If you hate the royal family that much … why do you keep your royal titles?’” he said of Harry and Meghan.  “‘Why would you do that if it’s just not to make millions and millions of dollars? And playing the victim, as you do, is nauseating,’” he said.

If that weren’t enough, Piers is also demanding that Meghan Markle start “naming names” especially when it comes to her claims of racism behind closed doors at Buckingham Palace.

What’s more, Piers says he wants the truth about Meghan’s claim that she went to a senior royal for help when she was experiencing suicidal thoughts during her time at the palace.

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