‘Married at First Sight’ (MAFS) Spoilers: Chris Williams: Was His Ex Even Pregnant?

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‘Married at First Sight’ spoilers find that the rumors are flowing just as they usually will when it comes to reality television and one of these rumors is saying that Married at First Sight cast member, Chris Williams, may not have a baby on the way after all. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding this outspoken member of the show and now it looks like the rumor mill is buzzing about his ex-fiance.

‘Married at First Sight’ Spoilers: What Social Media is Screaming

Chris found out that his ex was pregnant with his baby and then had to talk himself out of a corner when he was asked about their relationship. Just three months before he was picked for the show, he was still with her. His timeline seems really messed up and some viewers even think that he left her to be on the show knowing that she was pregnant. This is just one of the crazy rumors going around on social media. But wait, there’s more.

Fans of the show really do think that Chris has an abusive personality and we have seen some instances between him and Paige Banks already. He is very aggressive and loses his temper just like a child. There are some crazy rumors going around right now and it seems that one of them is that Paige will leave him at the end of the show. How do we know this? Well, one Reddit user posted some pictures of Chris with his ex in Cancun. This picture was posted very recently too. The odd thing is, his ex doesn’t look pregnant and she is drinking, so was there ever a baby?

Chris knows that the photos have leaked and has reached out to some fans saying that his ex had a miscarriage, but some think that she may have just lied about the whole thing when she found out that he was going to be on Married at First Sight. What is going to happen now? We are sad for Paige because we really like her, but getting away from Chris may be the best idea she’s ever had! This is a very messy situation and we do hope that we can see more of it because, let’s face it, we love the drama!

Married at First Sight is known for bringing couples together and not for the crazy drama that has occured on the show. We hope that we will get the real answers soon enough.

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