Trisha Paytas Drags Barstool Media Over Pirated OnlyFans!

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I don’t think Barstool Media realizes the whole idea behind online piracy – you’re not supposed to brag about it and you’re especially not supposed to tweet the creator and brag about doing it, but then again I guess since losing the Call Her Daddy podcast, things have been kind of slow business-wise so they decided to do something kind of mean-spirited and have one of their female employees buy Trisha’s Onlyfans only to have it mocked on-camera by the entire office.

What in the high school locker room is this?

Is this how adults actually spend their time? Adults with nothing better to do? If you want to buy Trisha’s onlyfans then you do you bro, but to make an entire video mocking it? I have seen some youtube creators do the same thing but they at least have the decency to pay for it and only describe what they’re seeing, not to share it with an entire office of like 15-20 people.

Trisha Paytas drags Barstool Media over pirated Onlyfans

The thing is, technically Trisha is in the right here, what they did was technically theft. Is it going to be taken seriously if Trish decided to sue over it? Probably not likely, there is and probably always will be, a stigma against sex work, which is what Onlyfans would fall under. Do I think she’s going to come out on top in the end? Yes.

Because as many people in that office that saw that video there are going to be as many people that watch their content that are going to be intrigued by just what these guys are reacting to. Is her hatewatch content going to go up?

By leaps and bounds, but there could also be a more sympathetic audience in there that no one counted on, and that is those people that saw Trisha’s video that had the clip of the founder of Barstool media openly laughing at rape jokes. The one in particular that he laughed at was “If you’re a size 6 and go around in skinny jeans then you deserve to get raped.”

Trish dragged him for that and rightly so, that’s disgusting. So in a way it’s no surprise that the same person who apparently finds lack of consent funny would pirate someone’s nudes online… you know… without their consent. Just food for thought. Stay tuned!!!

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