Bhad Bhabie & Paris Hilton EPXPOSE Dr. Phil For Ties To SHOCKING Abuse Acts At Provo Canyon School!

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Last year in 2020, Paris Hilton produced a documentary on how she was treated at the Provo Canyon School, a facility for troubled youth. The hell on earth that Hilton endured at this school didn’t end at the age of 18, it continued to manifest throughout her life in the form of a string of bad life choices perpetuated by PTSD and trust issues.

Over on her instagram, Hilton was present at the signing of a bill that she helped sign into law, SB127 that prevents cruel and unusual punishments at youth facilities like the ones that she was at.

Bhad Bhabie teams up with Paris Hilton

Apparently, she isn’t the only one to have suffered in the “troubled teen industry”, most recently Danielle Bregoli, AKA Bhad Bhabie, has come out saying that she suffered abused at the hands of the group that Dr. Phil is associated with, “Turnabout Ranch”.

Bregoli alleges that there was cases of physical and sexual abuse at the ranch, as well as murder and openly wonders why he still keeps sending the kids there. Dr. Phil addressed this saying that once kids are at the ranch they have no access to the files or what happens to them, but Bregoli says that is a lie because she and her Mom both had to sign release forms in order for the Dr. Phil show to be able to have access to her records there.

So who’s telling the truth? Dr. Phil went on to say that Bregoli should file a complaint with law enforcement if she has complaints about her treatment at the facility.

Bregoli and Hilton have both teamed up with an organization called Breaking Code Silence and Hilton has said that she has Danielle’s back and that she will always support survivors of the troubled teen industry for speaking out about the abuse recieved.

Hilton didn’t have all bad things to say about Dr. Phil however, she said that she wants to make sure that the show accurately portrays these residential places and just doesn’t tout them as place where kids get healed, because it sounds like that’s not what happens at all, and Dr. Phil still lists Turnabout Ranch as a resource on his website, in spite of all of the claims against them.

So far, we don’t know what Hilton and Bregoli are going to do together as far as raising awareness, but we do know that Hilton reached out to Bregoli over DM after she posted what she went through at Turnabout. Considering Hilton aleady got a bill signed into law in Utah, looks like the sky’s the limit. Stay tuned!!!

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