’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Is Julia Trubkina Pregnant With Brandon Gibbs’ Baby?

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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers finds that Julia Trubkina and fiance Brandon Gibb might be in a bigger pickle than they thought after all. They thought that the only thing hampering their relationship was Brandon’s doomsday prepper, stick-in-the-mud parents who wouldn’t let them share a room.

Thing is, it’s not like that was slowing them down any because Brandon said that their “birth control” was literally “the pull-out method” and even bragged about being very good at it. According to Julia, he may just not be good enough, because she has been throwing up all morning. I’m amazed that he didn’t pull over when she asked him to, I was afraid that this was going to be 90 day fiance: From Russia with Barf.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Food poisoning or morning sickness?

Brandon’s first instinct was to want to call his Mom instead of having her find out about it and then give Julia the third degree about things, which, maybe he was trying to keep the peace in the situation, but Julia has a point. Ultimately it’s going to be him, Julia, and the baby if she is indeed pregnant.

He needs to have his own mind and try to figure out what he’s doing to do on his own before he involves his Mom or Dad in things, especially if he wants him and Julia to live their lives independently of Betty and Ron, something tells me that may take a lot longer to occur to Brandon than the timeline that Julia is after, though.

However, let’s be scientific about this for a minute. Julia mentioned an incident that had occured the week prior, I am assuming, without being crass, that that was the last time that they had been intimate. Scientifically, pregnancy symptoms usually start occuring at the earliest, 2 weeks after the woman has missed their period.

If it’s only been a week, then there is a possibility that this could be just food poisoning. However, with as eager as Brandon and Julia seem to be, I somehow doubt that that’s the only reason she would be throwing up. Also, it looks like these guys have been rooming together for awhile now according to filming, so the inevitable could have happened.

I don’t really fear Betty’s reaction, in fact after she bent the house rules for them I am pretty sure that Betty is a paper tiger. I’m not saying that she’s going to be initially happy about Julia being pregnant but I think Betty would be the type to realize that this means Grandkids and I think she would be happy about it.

The reaction I fear would be coming from Ron, I fear that he will be the one to put his foot down and kick Brandon and Julia out after finding out she’s pregnant, and probably throw a myriad of insults their way as well. Maybe he won’t, but… I’m a little scared for them. Stay tuned!!!

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