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’90 Day Fiancé’: Andrew Kenton Says Amira Cheated On Him & Is Eyeing Love After Lockup Appearance With New BF Camel Ventura!

Domenick Nati has been interviewing a lot of his favorite 90 Day Fiancé cast members. The newest cast member to chat with him is Andrew Kenton. He took the time to answer some very important questions that Nati had for him and fans of the show are a little shocked to hear his answers.

’90 Day Fiancé’: Andrew Opens Up to Nati

Nati came straight out of the gate asking Andrew if he was dating anyone now. Andrew told him that he is single and went on to say, “After my relationship with Amira Lollysa, I did have another relationship with a girl from Brazil for a short period of time and that ended up falling apart because the show caused a lot of drama and controversy and there was a lot of jealousy involved. So ultimately no, I’m single now.”

Then Nati asked if he would consider dating anyone else from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. Andrew told him, “Why would you put me on the spot like that? I don’t know, like Stephanie Matto, she’s great.”

Things got deeper when Nati asked if Andrew thinks that Amira cheated on him. He repilied, “Oh most certainly. It depends on what one would define as cheating though. She was defintely in contact with prisoners and people in prison. There was that. Prior to our relationship and during our relationship, she had had contact with inmates in the penitentary. She was sending them money and sending them stuff and everything.”

Nati then asks Andrew if he thinks Amira will be on Love After Lockup. Andrew says, “It is not impossible. Trust me, it is not impossible. I think Sharp actually produces Love After Lockup. You would be surprised, but there could possibly be a crossover event.” Nati asked about who Amira is dating now too.

Andrew said, “I’ve been told that she’s dating this guy named Camel. I saw them on Instagram and you guys could find him if you guys dig deep enough. He looks like an interesting guy, I don’t wanna dog him too much. He looks like he’s probably nice enough. I worry that he is also being used for tv sake probably as much as I was.”

He told Nati that Amira got caught and that is why she went back to France. She got an agent and was demanding money and the producers called him to tell him all about it. She was playing for more money and he said it didn’t feel like love anymore. He felt that she just wanted more money and not to move to California with him.

You can check out the entire interview on YouTube and you can follow Nati and Andrew on Instagram.

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