Jennette McCurdy Quits Acting For Good!

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In a recent podcast, Jennette McCurdy went into detail about how she has quit acting. She says that when her Mom passed away of cancer, that a lot of the things that her Mom had in mind for her, died with her. That’s really sad in a way, but I think we can all agree that losing someone changes you in ways that you wouldn’t expect.

There’s also the fact that, Jeannette has paid her dues, she has been the sole financial provider for her family since she was 10 years old. She started acting at 6. She was, in a lot of ways, still a baby when this happened. She also detailed that every audition gave her anxiety about how she would have to land this job in order to financially support her family – that’s a lot for a child to take.

Jennette McCurdy quits acting

On the set, things weren’t really much better, she said that her own emotions were never a priority and the only priority was the character she was playing. Also, she was always given sad roles or crying roles, it didn’t matter if her own home life was happy or whatever she was always expected to have emotionally dark roles, that would also take a toll on a child.

Heck, that would take an emotional role on an adult, as we all know, Jared Padalecki, formerly of Supernatural and now starring in CW’s adaptation of Walker, got diagnosed with clinical depression, which he credited to his emotionally taxing role as Sam Winchester on Supernatural.

The way that she was viewed in the industry also took its toll on her, we all know that young girls in the media are often harshly judged for their appearance and her role as Sam was no different, she was viewed as “homely” when she went to a lot of auditions and that took a toll on her self-esteem.

Also having an eating disorder and being forced to play a character that was food obsessed  was no help either. She says that she’s embarrassed by most of the acting roles that she has done, and on a professional level we can all relate to that. Professionally, you always want to look back on your work with pride, unfortunately Jeannette says that is not something she can do. So for now, she says that she is putting acting away and focusing on writing and directing.

While her presence will be missed on-screen, with her now being able to choose and create the projects she’s involved in, perhaps she can make sure that the people on-set are treated right. We really do need to stop treating people as just props in this industry and start treating stars, especially child stars, as people. Stay tuned!!!

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