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Sharon Stone Says Britney Spears Reached Out To Her For Help In 2017

Britney Spears was looking for a friend and was hoping to find one in Sharon Stone. The Hollywood actress says that she has a special link that she shared with Britney Spears, after the singer said that Sharon is one of the woman who have “truly inspired” her in her life.

And now Sharon says that the pop star reached out to her during one of the most troubling times in her life. Here’s what she has to say.

While on the Kelly Clarkson Show, Sharon said that she received a letter from Britney around the same time she infamously shaved her head in 2007.

Sharon Stone Says Britney Spears Reached Out To Her For Help In 2017

Sharon told Kelly, “Britney wrote to me, a very long and important, poignant letter, during a very difficult time in her life — about the time when people would recognize it, when she shaved her head, wanting me to help her.”

Sharon added that she was also going through a very difficult time while she got the letter from Britney.

“I couldn’t help myself,” she says in the interview. “But the truth of the matter is, we both needed help. She needed help and I needed help.”

The Hollywood megastar also says that she relates to Britney’s current struggle with her conservatorship and her troubled relationship with her father, Jamie Spears, who apparently is pulling all the string behind the scenes in her life.

“The true fact of it is, it’s very hard to be a very successful woman and not have anyone controlling you, taking your finances and handling you,” Stone notes. “There’s a huge breaking point and there’s a point where you get broken.”

Describing Britney’s current situation as “so out of control and awful,” Sharon adds, “I can say certainly it’s been very out of control and very awful more than once in my life and I have certainly had it. It’s very complicated to take control of your life. It’s very hard to get control of your finances.”

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