Just Another Massive Scandal With James Charles!

After the whole “Bye Sister” scandal from a couple of years ago, you would think that James Charles would have learned his lesson and would at least do some kind of ID check before he started seriously talking with his fans online, but James is 21 and doesn’t seem to fully grasp that he is a full-grown adult ye. His demographic is kind of young so you could see where the lines get blurred.

Recently a fan of his on Tiktok came forward to allege that James had been messaging him full-on racy pictures and had not stopped when he told him his age. In fact, the fan said that he didn’t seem to care. However, James came out to correct this and seems to have a different version of events.

Just another scandal with James Charles

He said that he had added the fan years ago, and that he was under the impression that they were 18. However, his tiktok bio states that he is only 16, one might think that the bio was edited just so that the fan could come out and make these claims, but, in an instagram post that this particular fan posted 11 weeks ago he had a screenshot of his tiktok account and it said the same exact thing.

So this gives some credibility to the fans words over that of James Charles, especially because James kind if dou led back on his words from before.

At first he claimed that he had added the fan years ago but after the fan posted all of the damning evidence about James sending him nude photos, James came out and turned it around claiming that the whole thing had started a few weeks ago and the fan had added him first and had sent him nudes first and told him that he was 18 when Charles asked his age.

The thing that disproves this is just how much damning evidence there is against James. There is screen recordings, screenshots, and even live videos of this fan opening the racy snaps that were allegedly  sent by James Charles, so unlike some of the other allegations involving the beauty guru, these seem to actually have some teeth. So who’s actually telling the truth here? We’ll see. Stay tuned!!!

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