Youtuber James Charles Goes On Vacation To Hawaii In te Middle of the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Recently, James Charles decided to take a vacation to Hawaii during a pandemic, and people had things to say about it. A lot of his fans were really ticked off at him because Hawaii just opened back up from March, and James was coming from California, a state who’s COVID numbers are very, very high.

People were under the impression that James went into Hawaii without following the rules of quarantine but that wasn’t true, apparently now if you present a negative COVID test then you’re free to get into Hawaii, but you have to be tested first. (Which, is kind of expensive if your health insurance doesn’t cover that, google that if you don’t believe me.)

Youtube – James Charles goes on vacation

James hasn’t clapped back at his fans, yet, but there’s speculation that he’s been deleting the especially hard hitting comments because they’re no longer showing up on his social media. People are mad because James didn’t need to take this vacation, he could have continued to stay in California and keep the citizens of Hawaii safe.

While James himself tested free of COVID, we don’t know about the people in his entourage and what they’ve been exposed to. He technically didn’t do anything wrong, considering he followed all the rules, but it’s the principle of the thing.

So many of his followers are suffering right now, they’re barely holding onto the jobs they have and putting themselves at risk if they’re essential workers. They’re not like him, an influencer who can make thousands of dollars by creating content from his bedroom (or studio, as the case may be), so it seemed to be kind of a slap in the face for his follower base who can’t really do any better at the moment.

That being said, I don’t think he’s going to come out and make an apology video or even really address the issue at all, because, again, he didn’t beak any actual rules. Still, the next time he needs to look up the term ‘tone deaf’ and how doing something like this might be percieved during a crisis like this. There’s a time and a place, James, and this was not it. Stay tuned!!!

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