Univision Te acuerdas de mí Spoilers: Vera makes big choice!

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Univision Te acuerdas de mí spoilers reveal Vera Solís (Fátima Molina) had a big decision to make, and tonight will show why her choice is a good one. Plus, it looks like someone will hedge his bets while Olmo Cáceres (Guillermo García Cantú) continues to fall in a trap. Let’s take a look at what’s ahead.

Univision Te acuerdas de mí Spoilers: Good choice

First, Te acuerdas de mí spoilers indicate Vera had a decision to make. Fuat (Enoc Leaño) wants to take down Olmo. With her help, he’s a step closer. Tonight, Vera agrees to join with Fuat in his plan and discovers that Ivana is investigating her.

So, she might have just saved herself with the move. Surely, Fuat will back up whatever Vera needs. And we think Marina Cáceres Castillo (María Penella) was the thing that pushed her over the edge.

The woman basically used Vera’s kid as a prop to help her adoption chances, and never even asked Vera if she could take him anywhere. Vera was so scared when she couldn’t find Marina, this might have proven she needs help to end this fast.

Univision Te acuerdas de mí Spoilers: New twist

So, we mentioned Olmo being worried Thursday night. It turns out, there’s yet another threat to his current life. Dante Granados (Emilio Guerrero) is a shady type Olmo has dealings with.

Last night, Dante threatened Olmo and his family to keep him from talking, which obviously worked Olmo up. But it seems Dante’s a conservative type and wants to hedge his bets. Tonight, he’ll ask for help to leave the country.

Univision Te acuerdas de mí Spoilers: Fool in love

Finally, there’s Olmo. Te acuerdas de mí spoilers reveal Vera and Fausto think Marina is Olmo’s weakness. While we think there’s a good case for it, we beg to differ. We think his true weak spot is Vera—and the late wife she obviously reminds him of.

He has shown a vulnerable side multiple times with her, and he’s clearly already fixated on the idea of living a happily ever after with her. This is why we think Vera needs to handle herself with mucho cuidado tonight.

Teasers say he surprises Vera with a marriage proposal. And if we know him well enough by now, it’s likely he’ll pull out all the stops for a memorable moment.

Regardless of how he pops the question, Vera needs to play along. We think turning him down outright will be a bad move. And if she shows any of her true feelings towards him, this could mess up her revenge as well. Stay tuned to see how she handles it.

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