Did Sharon Osbourne Exit ‘The Talk’ With $10 Million Payout Following Racism Fiasco?

Sharon Osbourne is taking her millions and her distinctive voice elsewhere. There’s a new report that says the television personality is exiting The Talk with a payout of $10 million dollars following her very heated exchange with Sherryl Underwood.

Sharon tried to defend her friend Piers Morgan after he said he did not believe Meghan Markle’s claims that she experienced suicidal thoughts during her time at Buckingham Palace. Here’s what you need to know.

According to Page Six, even though Sharon is totally bitter about getting the boot, she is still walking away with a hefty sum. One source claims that “Sharon is walking away with a $5 to $10 million minimum payout.” Not only that, the source noted, but she “was able to spin that it was her decision” not to stay.

Sharon Osbourne Walks Away With Millions Following Racial Accusations

A separate source added, “Sharon will talk when she is ready. She still wants to give her side of the story. She has been on that show for 11 years and knows all the secrets.”

If that weren’t enough, a third tipster says CBS had to fork out the cash to Sharon because “the network will have to pay her a sizable settlement to keep her quiet after this,” because “she knows where all the bodies are buried.”

Now, as far as when Sharon Osbourne will tell her side of the story remains to be seen. Apparently she does want to talk but will probably wait until she is given another platform to do so.

Meanwhile, in a lengthy piece for the Mail on Sunday, Piers defended Sharon and slammed Meghan Markle, for apparently exploiting “woke world view” and “cancel culture” in her interview with Oprah Winfrey earlier this month.

Piers wrote, “What’s happened to Sharon and me in the past fortnight isn’t really about Ms. Markle. It’s about a far bigger issue than one delusional Duchess, and that’s everyone’s right to be free to express our honestly held opinions, forcefully and passionately if we feel like it.”

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