Bryce Hall Pulls Stripper Prank On Noah Beck, Dixie D’Amelio In Shock

Fans of Dixie D’Amelio and her boyfriend, Noah Beck are concerned about the prank that Bryce Hall played on them. The couple has such a big fan base and they love how Noah, from Sway House has helped his girlfriend with her content creation as well. Bryce, who is also part of Sway House wanted to play a big prank on the couple and now their fans are angry at him.

The Stripper Prank

Bryce really wanted to do something that was fun and lighthearted. When Dixie saw the prank, she was not happy and didn’t think it was funny. In the video, Bryce puts a blindfold on Noah and then put some headphones on him so he couldn’t hear anything in the room.

Seems pretty innocent so far, right? The next scene shows Bryce bringing in two dancers into the room and asked them to dance around Noah and give him a lap dance. When the dancers began to work their magic, Bryce took it upon himself to FaceTime Dixie from Noah’s phone and show her what was going on in their house.

As soon as Dixie saw what was going on, she immediately hung up the phone and was angry. When all of the prank was done, Noah did call her back to explain his side of the story. Dixie was put at ease when Noah explained it to her, but she is still pretty pissed at Bryce.

She thinks that he went really far this time around and she is not exactly sure when she can forgive him. Her fans think that this prank was too much and that Noah and Bryce shouldn’t even be friends anymore.

One fan posted the video on Instagram and wrote, “I’m sorry but I feel bad for them. I know this was just a prank, but this is just one way to ruin other people’s relationship. It is not funny to play with people’s emotions and their relationships.” Another fan wrote, “I am finally realizing that Bryce is the real problem here.” And one more chimed in, “I never hated Bryce more than I do now. He is gross.”

Bryce has been in the hot seat before and he was fined back in June for throwing a big house party during California’s stay at home orders and he served time in jail for possession of marijuana. It looks like after this stint, he is slowly losing more fans.

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