TikToker Bryce Hall Investigated By the LAPD!

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TikTokker Bryce Hall is no stranger to the long arm of the law. This time, this internet bad boy seems to be in trouble for quite possibly one of the stupidest offenses ever. He was vaping at a table in a restaraunt when the waiter asked him to stop.

Granted, he was at a restaraunt with outdoor seating and was seated outdoors when it happened, still, the fact of the matter is he was on someone else’s property. When you’re asked not to vape you can at least wait until you get in your car.

TikTok – Bryce Hall investigated by the LAPD

It’s apparently illegal to smoke in even outdoor eating establishments in California. Bryce maintains that this was not why the fight broke out. 

Bryce’s side of the story was that yes, he was vaping, but when he was asked to stop, he asked for his credit card back. A perfectly reasonable request. He requested his credit card back over 10 times before the manager physically grabbed him and tried to haul him off the property.

No word on whether or not Bryce actually got his credit card back but when the manager grabbed him that’s when he said that things got physical, not only did things get physical but all of Bryce’s friends got involved trying to defend him.

Eyewitnesses say that it was Bryce who threw the first punch which doesn’t really look all that great for him because of his other run-in with the law, and now a charge for felony battery has been filed.

Clearly, Bryce needs to learn that when on someone else’s property, you need to abide by their rules. I mean, it’s not that hard. However, it seems this lad is fond of pushing the envelope when it comes to the law. What’s up with that, Bryce?

But also the resteraunt needs to realize that when someone asks for their credit card back, just give it back, no question asked. There’ll be other, less-douchey patrons, my friend! I mean, yeah it’s 2020 but everybody’s got to eat sometime. Geeze! But this is looking worse for Bryce simply because of his track record, even the internet isn’t on his side. Stay tuned!!!

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