‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Ethan and Olivia Plath Update!

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers reveal that Ethan Plathfinally standing up to his folks. It’s about time, Kim Plath has made things really, really uncomfortable for daughter-in-law Olivia Plath ever since the start of the series and so far, Ethan hasn’t really said a word to them about anything.

But now, since Ethan and Olivia’s trip to California and their discussion of healthy boundaries has inspired Ethan to grow a spine and finally say the words that he’s needed to to his parents for a long time. I’m so glad Ethan has grown and realized that he can still totally respect his parents and still take up for his wife in the process.

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Hard to hear?

This was prompted by a look through an old folder he had full of hand-drawn birthday cards from his siblings, it brought back a lot of memories for Ethan but ultimately he realized that all he was doing was living in the past and he couldn’t dwell on these things because his parents are never going to let him see his siblings while they’re still young.

They’re not going to let him have a relationship with them until they’re 18 and old enough to make decisions for themselves. It’s sad because Olivia said that she and Mercy, the youngest child, were ‘buddies’. By the time that the youngest Plaths are old enough to get around by themselves, they may not have very clear memories of Ethan and Olivia.

Ethan made the tough decision to go to his parents house and bid goodbye to his siblings and parents, simply because he said that he and Olivia are going to be moving soon and that he didn’t see a change in the ‘no contact’ thing with his parents, so he just decided to finalize things now.

Kim said that the reason she wouldn’t let him have contact with his siblings was because she was afraid Olivia was going to poison their minds and I guess on some level that has already started because she said she didn’t want the younger children to be around someone who would talk bad about her. However, I haven’t really seen Olivia say or do anything bad to Kim so I think her fears are largely unfounded.

Kim said that what Ethan said was hard to hear – but was it? She was barely emotional. Yes, she got a little emotional when Ethan refused to let Olivia come up there and say anything because Olivia didn’t want to come up there and say anything and originally Kim had no problem with the kids going out to the car, but then when they were all following Ethan she said that it was her property and those were her children, essentially pulling rank on Ethan.

Kim gives conflicting messages, first she wants her kids married at the drop of a hat at 18 but then when they do get married she has a really big problem with letting go. So which is it, Kim? Hard to hear or just hard to be disagreed with? Stay tuned!!!

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