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‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Ethan and Olivia’s fresh start

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers reveal that, in her confessional, Olivia Plath said that she hadn’t worn her original engagement and wedding ring in a long time because she said that Kim was involved in the choosing of it and whenever she would look down she would be reminded of Kim, and not the love that Ethan and her share.

I’m guessing Ethan agreed to her taking it off because it seemed like he knew about it and was okay with it, but at the end of this episode of Plathville, he totally surprised us all by giving Olivia a brand new engagement and wedding ring set.

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Awwww, Ethan! 

Olivia got to have her dream wedding ring given to her in her dream state, and Ethan planned all of that (well, maybe not the California trip but these two things at least!), so props to Ethan for really stepping up his game and knocking things out of the park for his lady.

The best part about this gift is, you can tell that Ethan was completely genuine about his gift. There was nothing behind his gift other than the desire to give Olivia exactly what she wanted, which was a new ringset, and someday, the wedding of her dreams.

You know, they really haven’t elaborated on what Olivia found wrong with the first wedding. I assume that there was a myriad of things wrong with it, Kim’s over-involvement being one of them, but in season 1 she never raelly said that she was unhappy with the way the wedding went down.

Although, looking back, maybe she had a different setting in mind than a dirt road in Georgia. Hosanna’s wedding looked to be considerably more lavish than Ethan’s wedding so maybe that was another sore point with Olivia, maybe the Plaths didn’t really do them right in terms of most bang for their buck.

I don’t know who got married first but it looks like maybe the one who got married off first got the lion’s share of the wedding goodies. I’m going to assume that that was Hosanna, because she wasn’t really involved in the filming of Plathville at all except for one scene that she was in where she gave one of her siblings a dubious look before never appearing again.

I wonder if that will be elaborated on a little more next week, or if it will every be talked about. Either way, Olivia’s going to get what she wants in the end, Ethan will see to it – and that’s wonderful. Yay Ethan! Stay tuned!!!

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