Want to help Claudia Conway? Here’s How!

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In case anyone is wondering. In lieu of her last tiktok videos I was reluctant to post anything else on the case because she had said not to and that she was tired of her family being a headline. However we have reason to believe that those statements were made under duress and that she was saying them in front of her Mom and that she was just saying them to keep Kelly Anne happy.

We’ve all been teenager before and have said and done things to keep our parents happy and not actually meant a word of them. There was also the fact of the matter that she popped back up on Snapchat recently and when asked if she wanted her flowers to stop trying to help her she said, “Please don’t stop.”

Want to help Claudia Conway? Here’s how!

You might think that this is just another mother daughter conflict and that Kelly Anne and Claudia should be left to their own devices to figure things out, and if this were any other mother daughter situation, I moght be inclined to agree.

However, Kelly Anne lost the game when she decided to post revenge porn of her underage daughter on her  twitter fleets. The post was only up for around 45 minutes and then deleted because twitter fleets don’t stay up for that long but the fact of the matter is, Kelly Anne posted her daughter’s nudes on twitter for all of her gross, male 40+ year old followers to see.

Claudia herself said that no one else would have these photos, not even her ex, whom she talked to after the incident happened. Also another suspicious thing about the photos is that they were apparently not photos that Claudia had even sent out, instead, they were photos taken of her phone’s screen. She said it probably happened whenever her Mom took her phone and she probably took the photos of Claudia’s phone then.

Now, Claudia had put forth the theory that Kelly Anne was hacked and that her Mom would never do anything like that to hurt her but in that same breath I think that if she were asked to blink twice, that might be a more telling indication of how she truly feels.

There is now a change.org petition going around to help Claudia and here is the link. I myself have signed the petition because no 16 year old girl needs to worry about whether or not her Mom is going to post her nudes for revenge: http://chng.it/kmnrNfQJ2F We truly do hope the best for this situation. Stay tuned!!!

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