Kellyanne Conway Accused of Posting Nude Photo of Daughter Claudia Conway Online, Police Involved!

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Claudia Conway has been making the headlines a lot lately, namely for the clashes she has had with her former Donald Trump advisor Mom, Kellyanne Conway.

Claudia has made it known that when it comes to politics that she and her Mom could not be more different and in a perfect world that would be okay because parents are supposed to love their children unconditionally.

Even though they may bot always agree with their politics. Right? Somewhere along the way that sentiment was completely lost on Kelly Anne, it looks like.

Kellyanne Conway humiliates daughter online

Recently Claudia posted a lot of videos to her tiktok account detailing abuse, there were even a few videos where Kellyanne seemed to slap the phone out of Claudia’s hands.

She yelled at her and mocked her and while some members of the media claimed that it was “heavily edited” footage, the fact of the matter is you can only put up 60 seconds worth of footage in a tiktok video.

At one point Claudia posted a video of a police call to the house where the police told Kellyanne to take Claudia’s phone and internet away. She even posted one tiktok from a computer saying that she was worried about her own safety after this because her phone had been taken away.

Claudia is seeking emancipation from her parents but says that while she has tried everything she fears nothing will come of it. A few hours ago KellyAnne posted a fleet to twitter but during that fleet the damage was done. She posted a nude mirror selfie of her own daughter.

Now, Claudia maintains that her Mom was hacked and that she doesn’t want people to keep calling the authorities on her Mom because she was sure that she “got hacked” and would never do anything to hurt her but honestly with the behavior that I’ve seen from Kellyanne, I wonder.

Claudia now says that both she and her Mom are taking a break from social media but I do wonder if this was not a move on Kellyanne’s part to get that break from social media from Claudia.

Hate to tell Kellyanne but Epstein Island is no longer operational from what I hear so posting those kinds of pictures won’t help her get in good with her former cronies, they have enough legal trouble to fend off as it is.

While we will respect Claudia’s break from social media we hope that it won’t be for too long and that she can get emancipated from her parents soon. Blink twice if you’re in trouble, Claudia.

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