Telemundo La Suerte de Loli Spoilers: Steamy video could ruin Loli

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Telemundo La suerte de Loli spoilers for February 26th reveal Dolores “Loli” Aguilar (Silvia Navarro) might have a lot of explaining to do soon. And it’s all because of today’s technology.

Meanwhile, there was some positive news for her Thursday, but you know how Loli’s luck goes. That could change tonight. Meanwhile, we might see Paulina Castro de Contreras (Gaby Espino) in a no-win situation. Let’s take a look at the teasers for tonight.

Telemundo La Suerte de Loli Spoilers: The cameras see all

First, La suerte de Loli spoilers indicate it didn’t take long for evidence of Loli’s night in the booth with Rafael Contreras (Osvaldo Benavides) to come to light. Angie Lozada (Mika Kubo) discovered the accidental audio evidence. So far, she’s kept silent. However, she asked just enough questions at the office to cause a stir.

Tonight, Rafael’s assistant goes over the security footage and discovers who was in the booth with a woman. The gossip spreads through the company, which can’t be good for either one. Vicente Varela (Alejandro López) would love an excuse to get rid of Loli in particular, so we’ll see how this plays out.

Telemundo La Suerte de Loli Spoilers: Custody issue?

Meanwhile, this could have a lot of ramifications. Loli met with Bertha Morales (Maite Embil), the social worker in charge of the kids’ case. This woman is not even remotely on #TeamLoli. However, she did have to make a couple of concessions Thursday night.

One, Loli is back to work with a bigger salary. Two, Loli also has everything arranged so her schedule is flexible enough to let her care for the kids, and she’s living under the same roof with them again. This video footage could change that.

First off, we see Bertha as being anti-Loli enough to think this makes her unfit. If Loli faces some consequences at work as well, she’s got yet another excuse to say Loli isn’t fit.

It’ll get even worse if Nora “Norita” Torres (Rosa María Bianchi) hears about this, too. She’ll probably shove her son on a plane to Mexico herself to get that house sold and run to the nearest lawyer.

Telemundo La Suerte de Loli Spoilers: Busted!

Finally, there’s Paulina. La suerte de Loli spoilers reveal she’s worked hard to keep her farce up. In fact, she even had a vulnerable moment last night, which cracked us up. Because Vicente basically implied she doesn’t even write her books or speeches.

He could’ve been kidding, but we wonder. Anyway, she must get caught with Vicente, or talking to him. Because Paulina is exposed in front of her daughter tonight. Knowing how Jessica Contreras Castro (Marielena Dávila) feels about current circumstances, we can see this being a breaking point that could go public.

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