Telemundo La suerte de Loli Spoilers: Never waste a crisis

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Telemundo La suerte de Loli spoilers reveal tonight is going to be a big one for the Castros. Of course, we’re expecting things to look promising for Dolores “Loli” Aguilar (Silvia Navarro) a moment before getting more complicated. Let’s take a look at what happened and what’s ahead.

Telemundo La suerte de Loli Spoilers: Panic time

First, La suerte de Loli spoilers indicate Jessica Contreras Castro (Marielena Dávila) is over it. She’d learned her parents’ marriage is a sham and can’t take the fakeness. She’s disappointed in her father, Rafael Contreras (Osvaldo Benavides) especially.

She confided in Samantha “Sam” Torres (Dalexa Meneses), and it didn’t take long for others to start catching on as well. In fact, Roxana “Rox” Margarita Estévez (Gisella Aboumrad) even brought it up in front of Jessica.

Because of all this Paulina will be terrified. She can’t lose her perfect life façade if she wants to keep selling books. So, she’ll seek comfort in Rafael, refusing to waste a good crisis. Gotta love that mindset. Kind of ghoulish, really, but this is how she thinks.

Telemundo La suerte de Loli Spoilers: Secrets

Elsewhere, First, La suerte de Loli spoilers reveal Loli will be furious tonight. We’re guessing she could see Paulina trying to get close to Rafael. In any case, she’ll make a call that leads to learning a big secret about that has to do with a Castro. We can’t wait to see what it is.

Telemundo La suerte de Loli Spoilers: What we see

Finally, let’s talk about Bruno Tadeo Torres Tovar (Rodrigo Vidal). He thought he was being smooth. After Marcelino (Fernando Carrera) put Bruno in a bad situation twice, he thought he had the upper hand. Bruno caught Marcelino with another woman.

He planned to use this to make sure he didn’t get cheated out of the avocado money. After all, he is the one who unknowingly got put in the path of mobs and authorities with this deal. He messed up.

Not thinking ahead, he didn’t realize what a scene he made at the restaurant. In fact, the other woman even had to help Bruno when he choked on some food.

Of course, Marcelino got all kinds of photos of his own, and they look terrible. He showed them to Melissa de Torres (Mariana Seoane). She thinks Bruno is the one sleeping around on someone.

So, we’re seeing nothing but bad in Bruno’s future. She’s not going to just overlook this, and we think she might even defend dad if Bruno tries to put the blame where it actually belongs. We could also see her turning Carol Torres (Liz Dieppa) against him.

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