Telemundo La Suerte de Loli Spoilers: Interruptions and big decisions

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Telemundo La suerte de Loli spoilers reveal Dolores “Loli” Aguilar (Silvia Navarro) has more romantic complications ahead. Plus, we’ll see Octavio Córdoba (Joaquín Ferreira) torn on what to do. Let’s take a look at what’s up, plus update you on a couple of things from Tuesday night.

Telemundo La Suerte de Loli Spoilers: Interruptions

First, La suerte de Loli spoilers reveal Loli and Rafael Contreras (Osvaldo Benavides) just can’t stay away from each other. On Tuesday night, they shared a kiss after a disappointing moment for Loli.

Tonight, they look on the verge of doing the same, only this time it’s at Global Radio. Teasers say an unexpected interruption leaves Loli and Rafael with the desire for more. Given the likely setting, one can take their pick on who interrupts.

Either way, it looks like Rafael isn’t giving up without a fight. He’ll make it very clear to Loli he’s a free man now. We’re sure Paulina Castro de Contreras (Gaby Espino) will just love that. If he’s smart, he won’t let her find out. At least, for now.


Telemundo La Suerte de Loli Spoilers: Torn

Octavio, meanwhile, will have a bit of back and forth going. On Tuesday night, he tossed the DNA results after a failed date with Loli. A couple of girls crashed their moment, and Loli looked completely put off by the situation.

So, she took off and Octavio was left to deal with the disappointment. In fact, he even threw away the DNA results. Tonight, he’ll recover the envelope from the trash. Whether he’ll actually read the results or not, we’ll have to wait and see.

We’re leaning toward he’ll want to know. He’s been clearly affected by Nicky, so we can’t imagine he won’t want to settle that small doubt in his mind.

Telemundo La Suerte de Loli Spoilers: Update

Finally, we’re really feeling the humiliation here. La Suerte de Loli spoilers reveal Roxana “Rox” Margarita Estévez (Gisella Aboumrad) is the strong, confident type who preaches leaving behind men who don’t respect you on her show. However, it’s a different story outside of the radio booth.

She’d been hurt by a guy who pretended she was a Russian model to his friends. And she is still seeing him in secret, while making all kinds of pointed comments on her show about not taking back people who hurt you.

Plus, putting on this tough front with Loli and the rest when she got a badly-timed call to plan a meetup. She’s the one who wants to keep the relationship under wraps right now, and we don’t think this has anything to do with punishing him.

We think she’s so embarrassed, she can’t bring herself to admit she’s falling back into a bad situation. One can’t help but feel bad for this girl.

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