Telemundo La suerte de Loli Spoilers: Broken hearts, sabotage, and standing his ground

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Telemundo La suerte de Loli spoilers reveal the firing of Dolores “Loli” Aguilar (Silvia Navarro) might have had more behind it than we thought. And while we didn’t see a big work mistake, as hinted, she did make a huge personal one. Let’s take a look at what happened and what we can expect tonight.

Telemundo La suerte de Loli Spoilers: Bad luck

First, La suerte de Loli spoilers reveal Roxana “Rox” Estévez (Gisella Aboumrad) has bad luck with men. After her previous humiliation with the ex, she found out her new guy is know as a heartbreaker.

There’s a reason for that. Romeo (Aneudy Lara) and Rox apparently never communicated right, because she thought they’re exclusive. He thinks they’re not. So, she was upset to hear him casually mention he has a date when she invited him to her place.

So, she quickly acted like she’s seeing other guys and ran off several names. We think she won’t be able to keep the charade going, and she’ll end up confronting him eventually.

Telemundo La suerte de Loli Spoilers: Bitter much?

So, we were wrong on one point, as the wording in the teasers was off. Loli is doing just fine at work right now. At least, we haven’t seen her do anything that got her yelled at. However, it looks like Paulina Castro de Contreras (Gaby Espino) isn’t the only one with motives to want her gone.

Vicente Varela (Alejandro López) is the boss who carried out the firing. But Rogelio Varela (Roberto Escobar), his father, is the actual owner and the one Rafael Contreras (Osvaldo Benavides) called when Loli got the axe.

It seems Rogelio completely disagrees with his son’s decision and trusts Loli. And here we have the motive. Vicente is bitter. He thinks that his father values Loli more than him, and he felt called out when Rogelio overruled him. It doesn’t look like a new issue, so it seems a problem’s been brewing between them for a long time. We’ll see if they can work it out.

Telemundo La suerte de Loli Spoilers: Tonight

So, let’s get to tonight. La suerte de Loli spoilers indicate her mistake was of a personal nature. She forgot to pick up Nicolás “Nicky” Torres (Diego Escalona).

The poor kid waited for a long time before he finally reached out to Octavio Córdoba (Joaquín Ferreira), who obviously was moved by the poor kid’s traumatized state. Nicky had thought Loli died, just like his mother. Abuela isn’t happy and called Loli out big time. However, it looks like the situation might work in Nicky and Loli’s favor.

It looks like Octavio will be a guest tonight. During a dinner, Paulina and Rafael begin questioning Octavio, which in Rafael’s case, we think is him looking out for Loli. Paulina’s probably trying to find new ways to hurt Loli.

Sounds like things will get a big tense, as Loli will try to divert the conversation. However, this whole thing seemed to change Octavio’s mind—he wants to be acknowledged as Nicky’s father.

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