Review: What Is Pablo “Morbid” Vergara Doing Today? – Has Netflix’s New Docu-series Given Him Peace At Last?

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Netflix’s ‘Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel‘ has been the topic of discussion the last week and one part of the series stuck out to a lot of people. While its reviews aren’t great, and many people (including us) have ragged on it for indulging in conspiracy theories, the story of Pablo “Morbid” Vergara stuck out.

Pablo Vergara is a death metal musician who goes by the name Morbid and had several songs about death and the darkness of life. His videos often included violence and death, but what’s terrible is how he was falsely accused and harassed for the murder of Elisa Lam.

Internet sleuths began pointing the finger at him after finding a clip of him he posted while staying at the Cecil Hotel, a full 12 months before Elisa Lam ever did. However, that detail was completely ignored by people online. Not to mention he had documents from record labels and stamps on his passport that showed he was in Mexico at the time of Elisa Lam’s death.

The harassment and accusations continued to come in, however, and still to this day! Thankfully after this docu-series aired, Vergara has finally received some support and seems to be active again in the arts. I caught up with him on Facebook and here’s what he’s up to today.

May be an image of 3 people, beard and text that says 'i hope that in 2021 #apologizetomorbid gets used more than #tigerkingElisa La did in 2020 DED'

Review: What Is Pablo “Morbid” Vergara Doing Today? – Has Netflix’s New Docu-series Given Him Peace At Last?

Underneath his stage persona, beneath the makeup and effects lies Pablo Vergara, a regular, soft-spoken artist who uses music as his form of expression and escape.

A new Facebook page was created on January 29th this year, Pablo C. Vergara Filmmaker/Actor/Activist and has nearly 2,000 followers now. He’s been posting very regularly and has thanked a lot of people for their well wishes and thoughts. Many have commented on posts that they’re sorry for how he was treated and want to see him succeed.

In the docu-series, Vergara explained that he had quit making music and couldn’t shake the constant harassment and accusations. Now, however, it appears that he’s back to doing what he loves. Writing music, shooting music videos, and even working on films!

He’s had several interviews, telling his story and what he’s been through with ET Online and now with Metal Magazine tomorrow. He wants people to understand the consequences of what they say and do online and how it can affect people. He is now spreading the message about cyberbullying and how it is a crime what happened to him.

His Facebook Message About Cyberbullying

“Quick message to all my Metal Brethren and those of alternative subcultures
Im doing my first interview with a major Metal magazine tomorrow.
I wish to address the subject of stigmatization and stereotyping of us individuals who chose to listen to heavy music.
What happened to me was a CRIME. Cyberbullying is a crime. And god forbid what could’ve happened to me if I was actually staying at that hotel by the time of Elisa’a passing. Ever thought of that? Remember the West Memphis Three? Damien Echols was sentenced to Death. They got falsely accused just for wearing black and having long hair. I guess I probably got away in time. But everything here is just WRONG.
Time for a change.
Tell me some of your stories and how do you think we could start to make a difference and twist things around?
#stopcyberbullying #stopstereotyping

Perhaps the one good thing to come out of this documentary is the response that Vergara is receiving from the community and how he’s able to step back into the public space and do what he loves again. People need to be held accountable for the threats against his life, throwing wild accusations like murder at him and continuing to harass nearly a decade later.

His Facebook page is once again active and he’s shooting a new film that will be in post-production soon, working on new music, and has a brand new community surrounding and supporting him. It’s a feel-good story that comes from the most unlikely of spots, but we’re glad Pablo “Morbid” Vergara is getting some sense of justice against the internet bullies who have made his life hell for so many years.

If you want to watch his videos or support him in any way by purchasing his work, be sure to stop by his new Facebook page and join the community. He has been very active and replying to many people who comment or ask questions. You can also check out his website, where he has a shop, links to his music and band as well as his upcoming film, ‘Necromurder’. If death metal isn’t your jam, he also has a “softer” side to his music that a more general audience may enjoy.

Overall, it looks like Vergara has discovered his love for music again and I wish him well in his film. While death metal isn’t my style of music, the documentary alone has made me want to support Vergara and his art. He’s putting himself out there again and creating. Hopefully, the harassment will stop eventually, and we wish him luck in all his endeavors.

We’ve reached out to Vergara and are awaiting a response. We hope we get the opportunity to speak with him directly and bring more of his story to our readers!

What do you think? Do you think you’ll watch this series? Let us know in the comments below.

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