Stranger Things Actor Noah Schnapp Gets Cancelled!

Noah Schnapp of Stranger Things on Netflix got his own dose of cancel culture on twitter, recently. (What’s new in this big blue hellverse? nothing, I suppose.) In the fanbase there was this one particular fan called “Hyler”. Who is Hyler?

Hyler runs an instagram fanpage called “NoahSchnappMyHeart” which is apparently pretty popular in the fandom. She has befriended Noah himself, much to the dismay of all of his other thousands of fans because according to them, she is extremely problematic. Here’s just a brief rundown of the things that the other fans says she’s done.

First off, she has claimed that Noah himself is trans. Now, seriously, there’s nothing wrong with being trans and if Noah ever did come out as trans we would undoubtedly support him and let him come out and live his truth as authentically as possible.

But someone’s gender and sexual identity is something that only they can speculate on, only they know who they wake up as, so having this Hyler person come out and claim he’s trans is just… wrong, to say the least, and potentially dangerous.

Not all ‘fans’ are understanding of such issues, if the wrong person had saw Hyler’s joke, then Schnapp’s life could have potentially been in danger.

Noah Schnapp, the Canadian-American actor, gets cancelled!

She has also come out and slut-shamed Mille Bobbie Brown, who is Noah’s best friend, for what exactly I don’t know but she did make some pretty nasty comments about her clothing and attitude and about her relationship, which honestly, okay we have all done that about celebrities in the past but to do it on social media, especially when the celebrity is a friend of a friend just seems really tacky.

She has also done things like buy merch from Noah’s school, a school that, to my knowledge she does not go to. That’s what some would call a dedicated stalker.

A lot of the fans in his fanbase allege that Hyler was trying to personally turn Noah against this one fan named Imelda who had a personal spam account involving all things Noah, she allowed one fan to follow this private spam account thinking that it would be safe, but in 2020 no one is safe and they decided to show Hyler what this private spam account.

Hyler then showed Noah who came at Imelda asking her why her private spam account would have things about wanting to cancel him and slapping him across the face.

Even if she did have those things posted, the fact of the matter is, it was a private account. She wasn’t posting those things to a public account, she wasn’t going out and encouraging other fans to do that, she was posting those things to a private account and we’ve all been guilty of being frustrated with our favorite celebrities before. Not that that makes it right, but it was private.

Hyler was the one that slut-shamed his best friend, labeled him as trans, and leaked the name of his school by wearing his school merch, and she was also accused of spreading lies about other people in the fandom, not just Imelda. Yike!

She did come out and apologize for the Millie post, then Schnapp came out and made the mistake of posting in support of the controversial TikTokker, Peaches. In the same post he said that he had talked things through with Imelda and that Hyler didn’t deserve the heat she was taking, especially death threats. Obviously, Noah Schnapp did not realize what he was getting himself into because that was the fandom’s breaking point and they all got on board to cancel him then.

Noah responded with a 10 tweet long apology telling the fans that he didn’t mean to hurt anybody or invalidate anyone’s feelings and that they also could not speak on his friendship with Mille Bobbie Brown because they are not a part of it so they really don’t know the full story there. He ended with the declaration of getting off of social media for awhile. Geeze, is anyone safe in 2020? Stay tuned!!!

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