’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Natalie finally unpacks but Mike can’t pull the trigger

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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers finds that Natalie Mordetseva has finally unpacked her clothing after recieving a wedding date from Mike, we can say that’s progress, but there’s one thing that’s still bugging Natalie about the whole closet situation. Apparently Mike has not heard the words “airwick” or “glade” and she says that the closet still reeks.

So she says that they need to find a new smell for the closet – okay if it reeks, I hear you Natalie. She didn’t want to get her nice clothes smelling like the icky closet so they went to this little shop in Sequim called Heather Creek, I’m not sure what type of store it was other than that it held what looked to be some antiques and other odds and ends.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Natalie finally unpacks but Mike can’t pull the trigger

Natalie found the scent she was looking for rather quickly, but when she explained to the girl why she was there, that she was on the K-91 visa and that they were getting married, the girl just wanted to know if Mike was helping her with the wedding or if she needed help.

Maybe the girl honestly had a wedding planner in mind when she told Natalie that, or maybe she does wedding planning on the side. Either way, you could see the wheels in Natalie’s head start turning and she realized that in the way of anything to do with wedding plans, they had nothing.

They didn’t have a wedding registry, they didn’t have anything remotely wedding-like in their entire house and that began to bug Natalie.

Mike says that while he loves Natalie, he can’t pull the trigger. He can’t just start planning a wedding because he says that they have other things to work on but he never freakin’ specifies what those things are. Never!

He just expects Natalie to know what they are and get on his same page. I don’t know if he wants her to suddenly start believing in aliens like him or what, but whatever the reason is, by now Natalie just needs to blurt it out and ask him what on earth he thinks he needs because the rest of us are getting sick of his smug way of talking about the wedding.

I seriously hate to hear Mike talk about the wedding because it feels like he’s holding a lot of crap over Natalie’s head, even though he’s given her a wedding date, do I think he’s going to stick by it? Not unless Mama Trish lights a fire under him honestly.

The only time he was open to it was when his Mom was there, otherwise he’s been a miserable jerk the entire time with Natalie. While I get that she can be overbearing sometimes, if I were her, I’d start treating it like a vacation like he wants her to treat it and then go back home and forget him.

That seems to be what he wants since he can’t seem to pull the trigger. We’ve seen how this ends, but we’ll see how it plays out. Stay tuned!!!

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