What Page Is Britney Spears’ Former Makeup Artist Billy B On?

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As we all know, Britney Spears’ former makeup artist, Billy B, has had a lot of things to say during the #FreeBritney movement but some of them have been decidedly questionable. He says that he texts back and forth with Britney often but is it actually Britney that he’s talking to?

Some people have said that it’s Ashley, another person on Britney’s team that’s actually impersonating her and feeding him all of his information and that Britney isn’t actually talking to him at all. It would be interesting if that be the case because that would kind of prove the point that Britney is not able to speak for herself.

What page is Billy B on?

There’s also been some really questionable things said between them. Like, Billy B seems to think that the whole #FreeBritney movement is about Britney being a clone? Yeah there’s some really qanon-type theories out there about that but as far as we know, human cloning technology has not advanced to the point where we can successfully clone a full human being.

(Though, there were claims that they did back in 2003 on some random island by some random cult, anybody remember that story? Yeah, no one believed it then either.)

He has also said that Britney didn’t want her music released, but in a statement put out by Britney herself she once said that she would be happy to put out music for free. (I do not know whether or not that was before or after her most recent court smackdown about her conservatorship in which she said she would not perform again unless her Father was taken off the conservatorship), so we’re wondering just what page Billy B is on in all this.

Where is he actually getting his information from, Britney herself or this team member named Ashley? He has gone on to ask for clips of Ashley’s voice from various websites in order to have them analyzed so that he’ll know if he’s being had or not, but I’m not sure if anybody has complied yet.

But just so we’re clear, the #FreeBritney movement has nothing to do with cloning, and all to do with the fact that Britney is a prisoner of a conservatorship that she no longer wants. So is Billy B telling the truth or did he get duped? Stay tuned!!!

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