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What do Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes both have in common?

Upon doing some research the two have some interesting connections, one in particular that could potentially raise a few eyebrows if people really paid attention. The thing is, for years Amanda Bynes has been known as the girl who basically lost it on Twitter and she has been mocked and discredited ever since.

People have not taken what Amanda Bynes has to say seriously in almost a decade, but even a broken clock is right twice a day, so let’s look at this, shall we?

What do Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes both have in common?

Both Amanda Bynes and Britney Spears have been under a conservatorship for a long time. A conservatorship that involves their parents having control of basically everything in their lives. We know a lot about Britney’s conservatorship and how it came to be and how we have heard that she doesn’t like it but she’s been playing along all this time in order to someday regain custody of her children.

We have not really heard that much about Amanda’s conservatorship other than she has been suffering from mental health problems and didn’t kick up a fuss about when she was placed under a conservatorship because of that.

At least until recently.

Unlike Britney who has kept her posts mostly positive, which some people blame on her management team running her social media, Amanda is still very much in control of what she posts at all times. Recently she put out a post on twitter calling out her Dad for, in her words, physically and verbally abusing her and then she added to that all by accusing him of some pretty heinous sexual abuse as well.

She later recanted, but in such a strange way that people are starting to wonder just what on earth is going on. In her twitter recant she said that “My Dad never did those things to me. The chip in my head made me say those things but he’s the one that ordered them to microchip me.”

We all know that the probability of that statement actually being true is really slim and that that statement is probably a side effect of mental illness. However one interesting connection that Amanda Bynes and Britney Spears do have, aside from questionable mental health is one name and that is Sam Lufti.

Yes, that same Sam Lufti who was romantically linked with Britney Spears ages ago and is now not allowed to see her anymore.

Does anyone find it odd that after associating with Lufti that these two women had almost irreversible psychological problems? So much so that they had to be placed under a conservatorship?

Now a lot of people are alleging that Amanda Bynes’ problems started on Nickelodeon with a certain producer and we are not going to deny that that’s probably where this all began but its a strange thing that she didn’t need all of this intense therapy that costs over $5200 a month according to her and is not covered by her insurance, until she got mixed up with this guy.

So what actually happened there? Will Amanda ever release a tell-all? Stay tuned!!! For any other soap opera and entertainment news, please visit Daily Soap Dish. For more royal and celeb baby news, come back to Celeb Baby Laundry.