Univision Imperio De Mentiras Spoilers: Truth and consequences

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Univision Imperio de mentiras spoilers reveal María José “Majo” Cantú Robles (Alejandra Robles Gil) has a lot to deal with tonight. Plus, Leslie Velasco (Assira Abbate) seems to be the writer’s whipping girl and Leonardo “Leo” Velasco Rodríguez (Andrés Palacios) gets targeted. Let’s see what’s ahead for tonight. Plus update you on what happened Thursday.

Univision Imperio De Mentiras Spoilers: Revelations

First, Imperio de mentiras spoilers indicate Majo has been working our nerves a bit. Her romance with Darío Ramírez (Iván Arana) has been a bad idea. She’s ignoring everyone’s warnings, as well as the facts here. She allows him to get away with having kidnapped her and threatened her sister into a life of crime. Well, it looks like a reality check is ahead.

Tonight, Piedad Ramírez (Verónica Langer) confesses to Majo that Darío is Eugenio Serrano’s (Alejandro Camacho) son. She will try to warn Elisa Cantú Robles (Angelique Boyer) about this, but learn Elisa already knew.

And we have to say, Majo’s decision tonight to warn Elisa is probably the smartest thing either has done this entire series. This is why we love Renata Cantú Robles de Arizmendi (Susana González) so much.

Univision Imperio De Mentiras Spoilers: The smart one—sort of

Elsewhere, we’ll see some action on Majo’s part. Because of what she’s learned, Majo realized who was behind their father’s murder.

She’ll decide to trust Leo to find evidence against Eugenio to make him pay, and we can now say she’s smarter than her older sister. Two really good, smart moves in an episode. We think it must be getting extremely cold somewhere…

Univision Imperio De Mentiras Spoilers: Whipping girl

As for other characters, Imperio de mentiras spoilers reveal we think the writers have a thing against Leslie. First, they gave her an embarrassing video release plot.

Then, they had her self-harming because of all the crazy going on in her family. To follow up, they gave her a fatal illness and made it look like she died after sleeping with a boy. Thursday brought a new low.

See, José Luis Velasco Rodríguez (Hernán Mendoza) arranged for his daughter to get treatment at one of the best clinics around. Specialists were on the case, and it looked like there’s a light at the end of that tunnel.

Not so fast! Thursday, the doctor told Teresa de Velasco (Pilar Ixquic Mata) it’s too late. Leslie’s condition is too far advanced and all they can do is make her feel comfortable.

Now, Friday will bring another hit when Leslie finds out her father is in jail. Seriously, this is likely to break Leslie, and we feel horrible. Yet, at the same time the evil writer side of us that tortures a character or two wants to say, “well played.”

Univision Imperio De Mentiras Spoilers: Ambush

Finally, tragedy’s ahead. We’ll see Majo and Leo going to his home while they work to find the truth. There, Leo is ambushed Majo ends up seriously wounded. We’ll find out what happens with her and her baby on Monday.

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