Mark Calaway Explains The Origins Of The Undertaker On Joe Rogan’s Podcast

Mark ‘The Undertaker’ Calaway almost never was and was a product of WWE CEO Vince McMahon’s mind. Before he presented the idea, Calaway was getting worked up in his own head, afraid he would be something silly like “Eggman” or “Sing In The Shower Guy”. However, McMahon called Calaway one day and asked if this was The Undertaker, to which Calaway responded, “uh yes, yessir this is the Undertaker”.

Mark Calaway Explains The Origins Of The Undertaker On Joe Rogan’s Podcast

Fans commented about The Undertaker‘s legacy on the clip, “Impressive how for 30 years he never broke character”, “This man was such an important part of a lot of peoples childhood holy shit”, “When I was a kid I refused to believe that him and Kane weren’t brothers! Until my brother googled it and ruined my childhood”, “these wrestling guys were LEGENDS when we were children. I’m happy i got to see uncensored REAL non pc tv. Golden era for sure” and “I can’t believe we live in a world where we almost didn’t have The Undertaker”.

We look forward to seeing where Mark Calaway goes now. He mentioned mentoring some of the younger guys but said he has to find what he’s passionate about still.

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