Donald J. Trump Twitter Account Banned Aftermath

It takes a whole heck of a lot to tick off Twitter to the point where you get your account banned, but Donald J Trump managed to do it. Not before he managed to incite an attempted political insurrection by spreading false election information on twitter for weeks leading up to the final electoral college count, which happened today, we all saw what happened in Washington and I’m sure we’re all equally appalled.

This should never have happened. So now, twitter has taken to shutting down President 45’s ability to tweet for 12 hours. I do believe that this is the first time in history an American President has gotten banned from a social media network.

This could have been prevented. 

In a perfect world, he would have had a president who conceded his election with grace, as all presidents have before, and let the rule of law dictate who was to take power next.

But this time, we had a president who didn’t do that, and we as spectators had to watch as this man attempted a political coup before our very eyes and even tried to garner social media support using third party wacko groups like qanon and the like to spread his message of lies and, let’s call a spade a spade folks, hate.

He managed to get a bunch of his supporters together today to invade Washington and try to interrupt democracy in progress, but according to Chuck Schumer, they’re still going to finish things tonight.

Mad props to the political staffer who saved the ballots on the senate floor before things went south and everyone had to flee. They saved the will of not only 80 million people who voted in the President-Elect, Joe Biden, but also 70 million other people who voted for incumbent president, Donald Trump.

Due to their quick thinking, the process can go on unincumbered. But the fact of the matter is, one person did die. One person, a female protester, was shot in the neck and died, all because this president couldn’t take the L like a man.

One hopes that during his twitter lockdown he thinks about that one protester who died on his watch, who shed blood because she so vehemently believed that it was her voice that was not getting heard. A protester that died needlessly, simply because he was selfish and couldn’t stand to lose.

As a netizen who’s been around since 1997, it takes a lot to get you banned from a social media network. It takes a lot to get your account silenced, trust me, as someone who does a lot of reporting on twitter for online harassment and bullying, for different, decidedly non-political situations, it takes a lot to tick twitter off, but folks, the President of the United State has just shown us how its done!

I hope he uses these 12 hours to realize that the joke is over, and that everyone is counting down the days until January 20th. Stay tuned!!!

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