Jamie Lynn Spears Ousted, But Why Is Britney Spears’ Dad Still In Charge of Her Conservatorship?

Okay so, recently it has come to light that Britney Spears has said that she is no longer going to perform as long as her Dad is in charge of her career. Recently, she lost a court battle to have him removed off her conservatorship, but the judge didn’t say no to future petitions to have him potentially removed.

Britney did however get Bessemer Trust as the co-conservator, like she wanted, effectively ousting her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears off the conservatorship. Small win for Britney, but obviously not what she wanted. Her ultimate goal is to get out from under the conservatorship, but obviously that didn’t happen today.

Why is Britney’s Dad still in charge of her again?

Still, Britney has said in the past that she is afraid of her Father and the reason why is, in the past he has gotten physical with her. This can only mean that in the past, her Father has gone so far as to physically abuse Britney when he wasn’t getting his way and Britney wasn’t doing exactly as he told her to.

It’s one thing to spank a toddler, it’s entirely another to physically discipline your 38 year old daughter when she is just trying to live her own life. It’s not okay, it’s abuse. Let’s call a spade a spade.

Another thing that is suspect is that her Dad, in spite of agreeing to pay rent to Britney, has not paid a single dime to the star. He’s not paying any rent to the star even though he’s living in her home. This was not a “rent free” agreement, there were documents that her lawyer, Sam Bingham, discovered that clearly stated that he was supposed to be paying rent and he…. isn’t.

With as much as he makes off of Britney’s estate, you’d think that he would be fine with paying her a monthly sum to live in her house, it’s not like the man is destitute for money, his daughter is literally worth millions!

So why do the courts continually trust a man who, has not only compared his daughter’s healthcare to a race horse, but has physically abused his daughter, and refuses to pay rent even though he signed documents stating that he would? What leverage does he hold over the courts of California? I’m curious. Or is Britney just that bad at hiring legal counsel for herself? This is a mess. Stay tuned!!!

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