Huge Britney Spears Update: James Spears Speaks Out About Britney’s Conservatorship To CNN

Recently, James Spears, Britney Spears’s Dad, did an interview with CNN where he talked about the conservatorship. He said that he loves and misses his daughter and said that he and Britney had a good relationship until August when attorney Samuel Ingham started filing lawsuits to get him removed off the conservatorship.

Now that his feet are being put to the fire and he’s being forced to answer questions about how beneficial this arrangement actually is, that’s when James Spears has decided to talk to the press.

James Spears speaks out

The thing is even before this, Britney has come forward and said that she is afraid of her Dad, that he has previously been violent towards her and that he has threatened her before. Which begs the question, where is the lie?

He has even been abusive towards one of the grandsons before according to Britney. Which makes one wonder if that is the real reason that ex-husband Kevin Federline has custody of the boys and not Britney. Maybe she doesn’t want them influenced by her Dad so much, which could totally stand to reason. If anything, Federline has remained silent on the subject.

James Spears’ says that Britney needs ‘special care and attention’ but how much special care and attention can she need when obviously she’s capable of hiring her own lawyer and the lawyer seems to think that these 12 years have been completely unnecessary?

He says that his relationship with Britney is not unlike any other father and daughter relationship, but most fathers let their child grow and spread their wings and don’t meddle in their financial affairs to the extent that James Spears has.

Even Fathers of daughters who have severe mental conditions don’t do that, and Britney is not, as far as we know, incapacitated to the point where he would need to be as in chage as he is.

So what gives, who is actually telling the truth? Would Britney crash and burn if she were given her freedom? Since she has two young sons, I highly doubt so.

The girl just wants freedom to live by herself in her own home and to be able to drive her own car and spend her money the way she likes, which may or may not include getting a drink at Starbucks every now and then. She’s not askng for anything that other people her age don’t have. What is James Spears so afraid of? Stay tuned!!!

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