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Hollywood Director Tim Matheson Recalls Working With ‘Special’ Meghan Markle – British Royal Family News


British Royal Family News find that while Meghan Markle certainly has her fair share of critics and detractors, she also has plenty of friends and fans who are willing to speak up for her or in this case, sing her praises.

And that’s exactly what actor and director Tim Matheson has done, as he has recently gone on the record to say that he noticed that Meghan Markle “had an aura about her that was special” while working with her. Here’s what he has to say.

Back in 2011, Matheson worked with the now Duchess of Sussex in an episode that he directed for the legal cable drama, Suits. Even though it took several years for Meghan Markle to become a household name, Matheson said that hew knew right away that there was something special about the Markle Sparkly.

British Royal Family News: Hollywood Director Recalls Working With ‘Special’ Meghan Markle

“I could see that she had a very unique quality and the camera loved her,” he continued. “For me as a director, she was easy to shoot. Just point it in that direction, it’ll be fine.”

Even though Matheson can’t recall any particular instances in which he and Meghan spent time together behind the scenes, he still says she was “great, very down to earth and there were no airs put on.”

This comes after some insiders say that Meghan was a diva, both on and off set of the show.

According to the New York Post, before Meghan became the Duchess of Sussex, she was apparently known for holding up photoshoots, regardless if she was the one in the spotlight or not.

“She was always having to be coaxed out of her dressing room during promotional shoots because she didn’t think she looked pretty enough, or her outfit wasn’tright or she felt she wasn’t getting prominent enough placement (in the promotional pictures),” a source on set told the Post while sighing. “There were always tears. Every time.”

If that weren’t enough, a videographer also went on the record to say that Meghan was ‘a lot’ behind the scenes, too. In fact, some crew members would call her ‘the princess.’

“When I saw her, right away from the moment she arrived, I didn’t even know who she was and she was acting like a diva – It was the attitude, how she talked to people, the rules,” the videographer said.

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