Britney Spears Shades Herself! #FreeBritney

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We’ve all seen Britney Spears’ instagram posts and we all know that she seems to like to post the same exact picture over and over and over again just in different crop tops. People have been speculating on what it means or if she’s trying to send some sort of secret ‘help me’ message to her audience, but it looks like we may just be reading a little bit too much into her instagram feed.

Or is that what they want you to think? Britney recently posted a photo with the caption: “Same shoot… same angle… same person… same shirt… different eyes!!!”

Britney shades herself!

She had also addressed similar concerns back in September when she posted a photo in which part of the caption read: “And to those peeps who think I’m posting the same pics… well you know us girls… it’s the same top and same hair but if you look at the details it’s a completely different picture!!! Psst the first pic is the original, no retouches!”

Oh so that is what’s going on here. She’s changing the photos just enough so that each one of them is different. Okay, have to say that is a pretty quirky move, Brit. However, some people have speculated that Britney is not actually in charge of any of her social media accounts and that it’s actually just her management pulling the strings and posting these pictures, just enough so that she remains relevant.

Honestly, that theory makes a lot of sense to me, but let’s have one brief shining moment of hope that Britney is just… really fond of facetune.

However Friday morning Britney switched up the selfie game and posted a promo pic from her collab with the BackStreet Boys called Matches. That’s… real interesting considering she previously said that she wouldn’t be producing any new content until the conservatorship ends. I suppose that this collab was filmed months before she said that and that the collab is just now out of production and available.

I’m guessing that she still has some things up her sleeve? Still, the theory about Britney’s management being behind her social media accounts makes way too much sense to me. Maybe one day we’ll get a tell-all. Stay tuned!!!

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