Youtuber James Charles Unleashed, Smacks Perez Hilton Down For Stanning Trisha Paytas!

Last week, James Charles came for Trisha Paytas, after she repeatedly came for him. You would think that that would be the end of things, but nope, James was just gearing up. His next hit was on a random tiktokker who came out and said that she wouldn’t support her future hypothetical son if he turned out to be trans.

She wouldn’t let him dress as a woman and be his authentic self, to which James Charles responded, “Please don’t have kids.”

Youtube – James Charles comes out swinging!

This prompted a lot of people, especially women, to come for James Charles saying that he shouldn’t have said that because so many women struggle with infertility. But James doubled down, saying: “If you can’t stand by your kids no mater how they want to express themselves, you shouldn’t have kids.

I stand by what I said.” and while yes, he did hit a sensitive button, I have definitely seen worse come out of people’s mouths on the internet and I got the spirit of what he said completely. I’m on James’ side here.

The thing is, you never know what you’re rasing your kids for, my own Mom said that, and while you would hope that no child would have to face the challenges that come with today’s territory of being LGBT, the fact of the matter is, if they are, then you have to be the parent who stands behind them and helps to normalize it in society.

That’s what James was trying to say, and I stand behind him. 

His final one-two punch of the week though came at Perez Hilton when Hilton commented on his Trisha Paytas tiktok callout video with a “He did not stutter!”, James responded to him with an excellent, “You were stanning her 30 minutes ago, get off my page old man.” OUCH!

Right for the jugular! It seems James has had enough, and with all the controversy surrounding him since 2018, I can’t say I blame him. There’s only so much someone can take before they snap and James has clearly had enough of people coming for him and trying to be nice and kind and simply staying out of it. Sometimes, you have to defend yourself. There’s no harm in that. Keep being yourself, James. Stay tuned!!!

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