Telemundo Falsa Identidad Spoilers: Amanda gets a rude awakening!

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Telemundo Falsa identidad spoilers reveal Amanda Corona Fernández (Barbie Casillas) has a lot of reasons to doubt her grandfather right now. Plus, we saw Victoria Lamas (Dulce María) in a huge mess.

Which is likely Don Mateo Corona’s (Eduardo Yáñez) fault. Plus, Jaime “Jaimito” Hernández Esparza (Uriel del Toro) had a bad time because of his late twin. Let’s see what happened and what’s ahead.

Telemundo Falsa Identidad Spoilers: Open eyes

First, Falsa identidad spoilers reveal the visit and Gabby’s (Abril Schreiber) words during the visit stuck with her. Amanda flashed back to them at one point in the episode. It was almost like a premonition of trouble to come. And we think this might be the turning point for her.

Not to mention her problems with Ramona Flores (Azela Robinson) living there. And the fact Don Mateo wants her to keep it from Ricardo “Ricas” Corona Fernández (Checo Perezcuadra).

See, she’s been spending time with both Alberto Sánchez (Jesús Castro Ponce) and Benito Arismendi (Sebastián Dante). We missed the previous episode, but it seems she might have pulled something behind Don Mateo’s back in her desire to get back at Circe Gaona Flores (Samadhi Zendejas). Abuelo happened to catch her on camera speaking to Benito.

He is furious and really let the true colors fly. Seriously, the way he spoke to her was disgusting. Not to mention how open he was about locking Benito in a cage. He’s proving Diego Hidalgo Virrueta (Luis Ernesto Franco) right, and could end up killing her support for him. She definitely looked shocked and unhappy with what he’s doing and begged him to stop.

Telemundo Falsa Identidad Spoilers: False accusations

Elsewhere, Victoria has problems of her own. It seems the news is running with stories of her organization. They claim it’s a front for criminals. You know who’s behind that story, and Victoria already suspects him. Especially with Diego’s name attached. Don Mateo showed Amanda one of the articles, but we think she won’t believe it for long—even if she still does.

Telemundo Falsa Identidad Spoilers: Mistaken identity

Finally, Jaime’s medical emergency turned into a big problem. As we mentioned in the last article, Victoria recognized his picture. There’s one problem here. Diego thinks he’s someone else.

Namely, his twin brother José “Joselito” Hernández Esparza (del Toro). Diego hated Joselito and is convinced that not only is Jaime him, but that he had something to do with whatever happened to Ignacio Salas (Álvaro Guerrero). Victoria talked Diego down, but we see this as being far from over.

The thing is, Jaime seems a little nervous. He apparently didn’t count on his brother having enemies who’d come after him like that.

Telemundo Falsa Identidad Spoilers: Tonight

As for tonight, Falsa identidad spoilers reveal Don Mateo has a big opportunity now. With Benito in his possession, he gets the chance to deal a huge blow to one of his enemies.

He’ll offer to exchange Benito for Circe (). He wants to get his revenge on her, but we’re not sure this will go forward. Yes, they’re Benito’s family. However, we think Vulture () is too wrapped up in her and the whole oil theft plot to just hand over his partner.

We think this is going to be a situation where Vulture wants to trick Don Mateo. However, we’re not sure if abuelo agrees. He doesn’t really like having Circe involved. Plus, he clearly favors the nieto over his own son.

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