TLC ‘Counting On’ Spoilers: The Duggars – Has Justin Duggar been defrauded?

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‘Counting On’ spoilers finds that Justin Duggar, who just turned 18 on Nov. 15th, has gotten engaged to Ckaire Spivey his 19 year old girlfriend. Getting married young seems to be the Duggar MO, its part of their whole belief system it seems

.But what is a little odd, considering how downright conservative the Duggars are, is where Justin seems to be living now. In this circle they seem to take saving oneself for marriage to the extreme, a lot of these young couples don’t even kiss before marriage, which is just odd to the rest of us but they have a stringent idea of keeping onself pure.

‘Counting On’ Spoilers: The Duggars – Has Justin Duggar been defrauded?

This is what makes Justin’s seeming move to Texas a little bit odd. It looks like instead of bringing Claire home to the Duggars, Justin wants to start his life in Texas with Claire. Which is good and all, but the question is, where is Justin actually staying?

Because according to Claire’s Mom’s social media he was in Texas on November 10th, five days before his 18th birthday and that was when he dropped to one knee and proposed and Claire said yes. So he technically would have still been 17 when he asked, I guess it still counts. I mean, they were within a week of being legal so, it’s alright.

But that still doesn’t answer the question, where is Justin actually staying? Because their beliefs dictate that it’s wrong to live together before marriage and I don’t think that the Spiveys would allow ‘temptation’ to go on under their roof.

Sometimes future in-laws are kind and help their future family out by lending them an extra room until the young couples marry but this usually does not happen within strict fundamentalist Christian families. However, there is a plausible solution to this.

The church where Claire goes, Fairpark Baptist Church, recently had a facebook live broadcast where they welcomed Justin to the church because he had expressed interest in joining. Sometimes, having a big church family like this can come in handy because sometimes they will help out with lodging and the like.

I wouldn’t put it past some of the members to give Justin a spare room if they had one available. In particular the pastor, David Waller, who extended a very warm welcome to Justin. One wonders how this relationship is going to be showcased on the next season of Counting On. Stay tuned!!!

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