‘Counting On’ Spoilers: Jed Duggar Facing SERIOUS Campaign Violation Charges

‘Counting On’ spoilers reveal that the Duggars need to consider options other than homeschooling for their children in the future. Jed Duggar, who is running for office in Arkansas under the conservative ticket (as if that’s surprising) has come under fire recently for receiving campaign donations from a Louisiana man named Ross Little.

That raises some eyebrows right there, if the guy is from Louisiana then why on earth is he contributing to an Arkansas campaign? I mean, obviously it’s his money and he can do with it what he likes but contributing to a political campaign for a state you don’t even live in seems a little… suspicious to me. Unless he’s planning on moving back there once Jed gets into office, you never know.

‘Counting On’ Spoilers: Jed Duggar facing campaign violation charges

Or perhaps Mr. Little owns businesses in Arkansas and feels that whatever Jed’s platform is could help his bottom line. Or maybe he was just a big fan of the TLC show when it was on the air, who knows? 

Either way, the man contributed rather generously to Jed’s campaign, twice. Once to the tune of $2,800, the the next time to the tune of $5,600. That’s all well and good and all but the thing is candidates in Arkansas can only accept $2,400 per contribution.

The fine for accepting moe than that is $3,500, and if Jed does get charged with accepting this illegal campaign money then he will owe over $7,000 in fines. If Jed had taken an American Government course he would know this but something tells me he may have skipped that whole entire chapter about just what the limit was for donations in Arkansas.

‘Counting On’ Spoilers: Excuse me while I roll my eyes. 

If Jed is running for office we can only hope for the citizens of Arkansas that he knows what he’s doing. If this is his first time running for office, then maybe he was ill-advised on the amount of campaign contributions that he could accept and just genuinely messed up this one time.

However, we also hope that he intends on facing the consequences and doesn’t try to clout his way out of it, because some people would… and I would hope that above all, the Duggar clan would want to keep their perceived integrity intact, right? One would certainly hope so. Stay tuned!!!

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