Telemundo Falsa Identidad Spoilers: Escape plans, teaming up, and legal blows

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Telemundo Falsa identidad spoilers indicate Victoria Lamas (Dulce María) has a problem with Padre Rafael (Rubén Sanz). Meanwhile, there’s a plan in place to help Fernanda Virrueta López (Sonya Smith) and the custody thing continues. Let’s take a look at what happened and what’s ahead.

Telemundo Falsa Identidad Spoilers: At odds

First, Falsa identidad spoilers indicate Victoria has a problem. See, she has doubts about Diego Hidalgo Virrueta’s (Luis Ernesto Franco) plan. She dedicated herself to the law and preparing for a possible gun fight against the bad guys is too vigilante like for her.

However, Diego is stubborn. He pointed out that going by the law didn’t help her father when the criminals took his land and killed him. He sees this less as going vigilante and more empowering the victimized to defend themselves. She ended up going along with his thinking. That’s the problem.

Padre Rafael is against this whole thing. He thinks any violence by their side just brings more violence and it’s better not to go this route. Because of her agreeing with Diego, he made a decision.

Victoria has to leave the church, where she’s running her organization. Letting this possible vigilante stuff go down under the church’s roof feels like too much of a liability. So, he wants her out.

She’ll now run things from her home. Not ideal, as the church and school thing gave a nice cover. No one knew who came for Victoria’s services or the father’s. Or to talk to a teacher. However, she’ll do it.

Telemundo Falsa Identidad Spoilers: Custody case

In related news, the opposition in the custody case paid her a visit. He’s got a judge order to allow Ricardo Corona Fernández (Checo Perezcuadra) to visit Don Mateo Corona (Eduardo Yáñez) that very night. She’s not happy about this, and wanted to go see Diego right away.

But she might not have a choice. However, she does have the documents now to prove Diego married Isabel Fernández de Corona (Camila Sodi) in the US as Oliver Dunn. So, it’s a win some-lose some thing.

Making things worse, Don Mateo’s prepared to pay well to get his way. Plus, he’s got help of a different sort. Amanda Corona Fernández (Barbie Casillas) still believes in her abuelo.

So, when he told her the judge said he’ll hear the kids out on who they want to live with, he had a favor. He wants her to convince Ricas to choose Don Mateo. Because it’s better than the poor boy being stuck with a murderer. Right. Pot? Meet Kettle.

Telemundo Falsa Identidad Spoilers: Help on the way

Finally, things could get interesting for Don Mateo. Jaime Hernández (Uriel del Toro) help sneak Ignacio Salas (Álvaro Guerrero) onto the property. Ignacio wants to find her and get her out. What he doesn’t know is, he’s not alone.

Inside Don Mateo’s own house, Patricia and Rúben (Eduardo Reza) are on the case. Patricia won’t take this anymore and demanded they do something to help Fernanda. So, they’re arranging for a hospital visit to get Fernanda out of the house. Fernanda plans to figure out the rest later. That will play out more tonight.

Telemundo Falsa Identidad Spoilers: Teasers

Looking ahead, things could get ugly tonight. Falsa identidad spoilers reveal Ignacio risks everything in getting Jaime to the hacienda where Don Mateo lives. We can just imagine how crazy things will get.

He’d snuck off to the bathroom, supposedly, but we don’t see that being overlooked. We’re guessing a close call is ahead, and it might be for nothing. At least, as far as being on the property goes.

See, Patricia and Rúben are already on the job. As in, getting Fernanda out of that place. It’ll be complex, though. They’re ready for the trip to the hospital, but they’ll be guarded as well.

Let’s see if Fernanda and the rest can pull this off. We hope so. She’d be a great witness against Don Mateo. Which, at the same time, makes things too easy. So she could be heading for a demise soon.

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