Morphe Partners With Youtuber Nikita Dragun To Make New Palette After Dumping Jeffree Star!

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Looks like Morphe dumped one problematic youtube creator and went right straight to another, and that would be Nikita Dragun. They are now making a pallette with Nikita and being somewhat of a makeup connoisuer myself, the palette looks good.

It has a lot of good, bright colors in it, there’s one in the middle, a peacock-y green blue color that I am especially intrigued by, who knows what the quality of it is right now but since Morphe has had pretty good reviews in the past of their products we can only assume that whatever Nikita’s product is, it’s in good hands.

Youtube – But a lot of people are not happy with Morphe for partnering with Nikita.

They just dumped Jeffree Star, the problematic, controversial youtube creator whom they dumped after repeated allegation of blatant racism, sexual assault, and other horrible things. However, it’s not like Nikita’s hands are entirely clean, in spite of how some of her makeup looks would lead you to believe, Nikita isn’t some innocent young flower who’s just come onto the makeup scene.

Nikita has photoshopped her skintone in pictures to look like a completely different race than she is, and has been accused of racism and cultural appropriation as well. A lot of people wonder if Morphe’s just stepping from the frying pan and into the fire with this one, seeing as there is a ton of non-problematic trans influencers on the youtube platform that they could have chosen from, but I guess no controvery means ‘uninteresting’.

Morphe wants a splash, Nikita hangs out with TikTokkers and the hype house. Their demographic now consists of not just us 30 something millenials but teenagers and other young twentysomethings who want to participate in the makeup game too.

Who better to make that splash than someone who is in their demographic who fits right in with the TikTok crowd? While Nikita has been controversial in the past, her controversy seems to stem from a lack of knowing better, not from some deep-seated malice like Jeffree Star’s, not that that excuses anything she did but it does seem to come from a place of naivete. Either way, we’ll see what comes of this. Stay tuned!!!

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