WWE News: Who Could Be The Top Draft Pick For Raw And SmackDown?

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The WWE draft is edging closer, and it will finally get underway during SmackDown on Friday night. It will be the first time in a couple of years that there has been a draft, but it has made for some of the most entertaining moments in WWE history.

There promises to be more drama again this year, as the draft will be split over Friday, with SmackDown and Monday, with Raw. But, which star could be the number one draft pick from both shows?

WWE News: Raw Number One

There has been no word yet which managers will be making the draft picks on the respective shows, but there are a number of superstars that could be the top pick on Raw. There are a number of SmackDown stars that will be out of the question, with Roman Reigns being the standout contender.

Therefore, the decision for top draft pick could be a simple one for Raw, as they have a clear choice between Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton and Seth Rollins.

From a business stand point, it would make very little sense for the brand to choose anybody else except for McIntyre, as his departure to SmackDown would mean that there will be no top-level title on the brand on Monday nights.

However, should McIntyre not be picked first, it could indicate that the end of his title reign is upon us. There won’t be any shocks with the top pick for Raw, but there could be later on in the evening, as The Fiend looks almost certain to be heading to Monday nights.

WWE News: SmackDown Number One

As we mentioned previously, the draft gets underway tomorrow night on SmackDown, and right at the top of the show we could see the brand name their number one draft pick.

This will likely not be a massive surprise, as we will likely see Roman Reigns be named their top selection. Reigns has been in the best form of his career since returning to the WWE, and it will make no sense to move him to a different brand now.

There are so many huge matches that could be made for Reigns while he holds the gold, and the majority of those will come on SmackDown. There are no real other contenders that could be named the top draft pick unless the WWE throws in a serious curveball.

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