WWE News: Which Matches Could Be Taking Place Inside Hell In A Cell This Year?

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The Hell In A Cell pay-per-view is always one of the most exciting of the year, as the type of match ensures that fans are kept engaged with the action that is taking place. These matches are often hard-hitting and a good way for the WWE to end some rivalries that have gone past their best.

It is also the last stop before Survivor Series, where the rivalries on each brand take a temporary backseat as the battle for brand supremacy gets underway. This week it was revealed that Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton would be doing battle inside the cell, but which other matches could be settled inside the destructive structure?

WWE News: Jey Uso vs Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns teased last week on SmackDown that the upcoming title re-match between the cousins will have huge stakes on the line. And, they could be made even bigger should the match take place inside Hell In A Cell. It would be the logical way to continue their rivalry, as Reigns has already shown that he is prepared to go to remarkable lengths in order to keep his title.

The match could further show that Reigns is the man to beat on the blue brand, and it could be used to showcase his dominance in the division. There is no question about the superstar that will be walking away with the victory from the match either way, as this will be by no means the match where Reigns loses his Universal Championship.

WWE News: Bayley vs Sasha Banks

If there was one match that was tailor made for Hell In A Cell, then it is Bayley vs Sasha Banks. The history between these two superstars is clear for all to see, and they just want to beat the living daylights out of each other. This match hasn’t yet been announced, but it will likely be made official during SmackDown this week.

It will likely be part of a long-term trilogy between the two of them, and it could be the case of Bayley getting the win and beating down Banks so badly that we don’t see her again until the Royal Rumble. Regardless, fans have been crying out for long-term storytelling, and this storyline will be giving them exactly that.

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